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Ideas for using Swatch Buddies

Use swatch

Easily shop for multiple projects at the same time by creating Swatch Buddies rings for each project.

Use labels on the back of blank swatches for your shopping list.

Create Colour Palettes

Shop by colour palette when you're building your fabric stash. Load swatches of different colour groups on different rings.

Leave blank swatch cards in the positions on the ring where you want to find those colours for your stash.

Color Palette

Once you have a little collection of Swatch Buddies, it's easy to design using your swatches.

Instead of pulling out yards of fabric, just use your swatches to audition your fabric choices with each other.

Swatch Samples

Tote Hook

Don't be scared - you don't have to catalogue your whole stash! Use Swatch Buddies to help you easily identify fabrics stored in remote or harder to reach storage areas.

Attach a Swatch Buddies ring to the outside of a plastic tote to easily see what you have inside the tote without pulling out yards of fabric.