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January 30 2019 Birthday Specials

DAY 30

JANUARY is our Website's 18th BIRTHDAY
but you get the presents!

Have you discovered Fiskars?
In 1967, Fiskars revolutionised the way the world saw scissors.
Not only were their orange-handled scissors lighter, more comfortable and easier to handle than heavy forged scissors, they also delivered an incredible leap in cutting performance. Since then over a billion Fiskars scissors have been sold worldwide.
Yes, I know, everyone has plenty of scissors, but do you have any FISKARS? Not expensive and even better with a 25% Discount!
Dressmaking, Quilting, Sewing, Embroidery & Craft
After you order your item, on the View Cart page you can enter your Special Birthday Coupon Code for today's offer, by clicking on "Click here to use a discount coupon" and then click on the arrow to the right hand side. When you submit your coupon code, the total for your order will be adjusted to allow for today's special.

If you wish to order other products not part of the January Sale, please order those separately, otherwise, you may not receive your Punch Rewards.

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Punch Rewards are not applicable for January Birthday Special Offers, please refrain from using them or you may lose them.  Also, a reminder to kindly not use PayPal as your payment for January Birthday Specials. Why? Because the automated system adds $12.00 p/h for each order and I cannot override. If you wish to pay with PayPal, simply choose "Phone Ordering" and then at the end of the sale when we collate all orders, I will send you a PayPal Invoice to pay.  If you choose to pay with Credit Card, I can adjust manually at the end.  

The coupon code for today is FISKARS
This offer is valid TODAY ONLY January 30, 2019 AEDT