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Judy's Australian Stitches Magazine Articles Vol 7 and 8


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Stitches Vol 8. No. 12
Sewing Basket Page 8 features our ThimblePack™
Thimble Pads™ and Under Thimble™ are available separately, but the ThimblePack™ combines the two plus an additional handy little pack to store them in which is excellent for quilter's on the move.
"These innovative "thimbles" are perfect for those who get a sore finger when hand sewing, but dislike wearing a thimble. The small self-adhesive leather pad is worn on the tip of your finger to enable you to push a needle through fabric. The adhesive is long-lasting and reusable whilst the small pad allows greater control over the needle than a traditional thimble. Also in the pack is a stainless steel "under-thimble" with eight long-lasting and reusable adhesive pads. Although small, the under-thimble deflects the needle as it is inserted into the fabric and prevents you getting sore fingers. It also stops the fabric staining from handling. Stitchers and quilters should take advantage of this great little tool. There is also a small case to protect them and a n additional space for a hand-sewing needle."

Stitches Vol. 8 No. 11
Sewing Basket Page 8 features our NeedlePack™
Stitches says "Fed up with looking for the correct machine needle? This neat, compact case will hold up to twelve packets of machine needles as well as a large quantity of single needles in a section with individually marked holes. There is a clearly labelled section for a variety of twin needles and a space that will take wing and triple needles. Allotted spaces for every size in every type of needle keeps all in perfect order and there is a special pin to indicate what machine needle you have removed from the compartment. With the reserve needles in packets and the current needles in the allotted holes, you will never be disorganised again."
Note: Needles illustrated do not come with the NeedlePack™

Stitches Vol. 8 No. 10
Sewing Basket Page 8 features two patterns from Judy Bishop Designs. Stitches say "If you're in need of a little self-indulgence, these patterns provide all the instructions for making great carry all bags to take to class, or for keeping everything tidy!" The Designer Tote is mainly for quilter's needs having a multitude of pockets for everything from your cutting mat to your quilting pins and needles.
The Stitcher's Tote is a little smaller but extremely useful holding all your sewing accessories and tools. We agree with Stitches Magazine that these two bags will suit your every purpose or make wonderful gifts for a special friend.

Also featured on the same page was one of the handiest little sewing items we have in our product range. Handi-Bobs help keep your sewing drawers tidy by attaching a reel of thread and matching bobbin together. These clever little gadgets clip securely onto the bobbin and then fit firmly into the thread reel. Because the Handi-Bob fits the centre of the reel it can be used on any size thread reel and accepts all brands of bobbins. Have you ever searched for a partly used bobbin that you just knew you had hiding somewhere? These wonderful little sewing helpers save time and frustration, leaving you more time for the important things in life, such as sewing and buying fabric.

Stitches Vol. 8 No. 9
Sewing Basket Page 8 features an Iron Cozy from June Tailor Inc.

If you love sewing, there may be times when you are required to attend a workshop and this often means taking the iron with you. To avoid the sole plate being scratched there is now an iron-cozy that fits on the base of the iron. It is also teflon lined so as you may put away a hot iron safely, particularly useful when you take your iron to classes! The strap is fixed through the handle with velour tape and holds the cord securely in place. If you need to pack away the iron at home this is a wonderful addition to your ironing equipment and an excellent safety precaution if there are small children about.

Vol. 8 No. 8
Sewing Basket Page 8 features the Puff Iron. This unique iron/pressing tool clamps to the edge of an ironing board or table. With three heat settings to accommodate all fabric types, this clever little tool allows you to shape contours and to press curved seams while dressmaking.

Puffed shoulders and sleeves, smocked garments, doll's clothes and miniatures are all easily pressed, as the puff iron leaves both hands free to manipulate the smallest detail. This great little tool has a five-year warranty. Please note that this pressing tool works on 115V 40W, therefore needs a transformer for use in Australia.

Vol.8 No. 7
Sewing Basket Page 9 features the Clover Travel Iron. This tremendous little iron should be in your luggage when you travel or simply attend workshops away from home. The three parts of the iron all fit together for ironing and then fit back together in the neatest arrangement for packing away in the smallest space imaginable in a compact vinyl pouch. No separate pieces to lose as everything fits firmly together. You can choose steam or dry.
Dual voltage means it can be used overseas without any attachment. If you are an avid traveller, indulge yourself!

Vol.8 No. 6
Page 8 Sewing Basket features Bobbin Buddies & ThreadWrap. Keeping your sewing drawer tidy rather than having loose threads tangled everywhere. Sound familiar? Check these two great "Must Haves" out.

Bobbin Buddies These buddies will be our friends for life! Twenty-four buddies in every packet to help control the messy bobbin drawer.
Simply slip a buddy over the thread on a bobbin, then when you need that shade bobbin just slip it off!

ThreadWrap Fed up with messy threads? This static cling vinyl thread wrap peels off the backing and wraps neatly around a spool of thread, fastening the end perfectly. The clear wrap enables you to see the spool colour easily and may be re-used again and again. Comes in Medium, Large or a Combo pack containing four Medium and four Large.

Vol 8 No. 5

    Creative Challenge by Brenda Banting - "Transferring Design". Brenda used our Creative Copy Computer Transfer Paper to transfer the picture from a postcard from her computer to fabric. She shows how easy it is to achieve spectacular results with the help of modern technology.

    Tips & Techniques page by Judy "Fusible Threads"

Volume 8 No. 4

    Page 6 Organize all your sewing and quilting supplies in the versatile "Versa Bag".

    Page 7 Features the June Tailor "Velvaboard" Steams as it presses to prevent flattening any nap or pile fabric - velvet, corduroy, synthetic suede or velour.

    Page 83 "Raggedy Ann" With the help of Raggedy Ann fabric from Dayview Textiles, Judy has made a cute sun frock by pleating out one coloured stripe on the bodice and allowing the remainder of the unpleated fabric to flow into the full skirt. You could choose any two coloured stripe fabric and simply fold, press and tuck the pleat yourself, but with the help of the regular Pleat Maker, life is a little easier! Lots of step by step photos and instructions too.

Volume 8 No. 3
"Printz Charming" - Featured on the cover of this month's Stitches Magazine, is a terrific shirt in different colour blocks, make it over and over again redesigning the shirt and no one will ever know it is the same pattern.

    Page 9 Discusses the use of the Heat Iron On Transfer Pencils.

    Page 30 If you love prints, cotton and comfort, here is a terrific Big Shirt you can make. By combining your favourite printed fabrics into different colour blocks you can keep redesigning this shirt and no one will ever know it is the same pattern. It is also a great shirt for using up the remnants in the fabric stash. Judy shows you how to make Continuous Prairie Points easily with The Pleat Maker with step by step photos.

    Page 32 Judy talks about adding some pizzazz to your sewing with Trims. Check out her Tips & Techniques page for a host of imaginative ideas.

Volume 8 No. 2

    Page 8 Sewing Basket features photos and text for Hera Marker and Magnetic Pin Holder.

    Page 18 "Mock Seminole" Traditional Seminole is made easy with The Pleat Maker.

    Traditional Seminole patchwork used by the Seminold Indians inspired Judy to create this striking band she calls "Mock Seminole". The traditional Seminole patchwork is made up of coloured strips sewn together, then cut and placed at different angles and restitched to make a variety of patterns. Here, Judy has taken the same principle and stitched together different coloured strips, then placed it on the diagonal into her Pleat Maker and backed it with interfacing to secure it in place. This is certainly a quick and easy way to achieve a similar look to real Seminole patchwork but with far less effort.

    Page 21 "Tips & Techniques - Wearing your Quilt" Judy discusses the do's and don'ts of "Wearing Your Quilt" in the form of a one-of-a-kind Art to Wear Jacket. Avoid making it look like a "horse blanket" hanging from the shoulders. Create a beautiful garment that will be admired by all as it enhances your figure with the fit, style and grace it deserves.

Volume 8 No. 1

    Page 18 Can't find the perfect button to match the new outfit you've just completed? By making your own self-covered fabric buttons, not only do you achieve a perfect colour match, but you enhance your sewing with the detailing these little "extras" portray. Instead of the usual self-covered buttons, give your garment added interest by making some appealing Chinese Ball buttons. Never made them before? Well, they're easy - when you know how! Frog Closures give a garment a designer touch and are often all that is needed for a jacket front closure. You can purchase ready-made frogs in various colours and sizes, but here we show yu how easy it is to make your own. Fasturn® Turning Tools are used for these projects.

    Page 21 "Tips & Techniques To Button or Not to Button That is the Question!" A completely different approach to closures eliminating the need for buttonholes which sometimes can make or break an otherwise beautifully sewn garment. Several alternatives are given for you to experiment with.

Volume 7 No. 6

    Page 12 Sewing Basket features a set of Clover Bias Makers, photo and text.

    Page 88 Book Review "Essential Sewing Guide" by Nancy Zieman.

Volume 7 No. 5

    Page 79 "Tips & Techniques -Tucks, how do you keep them straight and in place?" An update on tucks & pleats overview of modern methods making these techniques easy and perfect. Several methods are noted including options for permanent tucks using Fusible Thread, Fusible Interfacing or Top-Stitching.

    New measuring devices such as the Simflex Expanding Gauge, fusible interfacing that has a grid printed on it and The Pleat Makers are mentioned.

Volume 7 No. 4


Volume 7 No. 3

    Page 15 Sewing Basket features photo and text of several stabilizers.

    Page 18 "Dream Coat" by Cecilia Christlo, featuring our Pavilion Coat pattern by Judy Bishop Designs. Technicolour coat suggesting a stained glass effect using striped silk fabric, pleated and textured.

    Page 80 "Embroidering the Impossible" Computerized embroidery on difficult areas, featuring the Hoop-It-All™ method. Step-by-Step instructions to guide even a beginner.

    Page 84 "Tips & Techniques" featuring an update on Stabilizers. Numerous hints to help make your embroidery match the professional appearance of embroidery found on ready-made garments. Lots of new ideas for today's modern sewing machines.

Volume 7 No. 2
Page 7 Sewing Basket features photo and text of Puffy Foam

Page 40 "Golden Girl" Gold, pleated and embroidered blouse by Cecilia Christlo. (Cecilia was a student of mine who then began working for me, helping on our Show stands and then with tutoring) Garment instructions and pattern given featuring "pleating" on the back and front yoke resulting in an exquisite blouse.

Page 76 "Fusible Appliqué Made Easy" featuring The Appliqué Pressing Sheet. This sheet allows you to pre-assemble your design without having to guess the exact overlap placement of each piece because The Appliqué Pressing Sheet is transparent. You actually assemble your appliqué onto the sheet and transfer it as one unit to the garment.

Page 79 "Tips & Techniques Update on Alternate Methods of Appliqué". Includes pressure sensitive, temporary and repositionable adhesives, temporary spray adhesives, puffy foam adds a 3D effect to appliqués, Appli-Bond method for no-sew bonding stabilizers, Pufflique gives a raised surface to the appliqué, Reverse Appliqué, plus, hints on which stabilizer for which project.

Volume 7 No. 1
Page 7 Sewing Basket features photo and text of Photo Transfer Paper, Creative Copy and Computer Printer Fabric

Page 55 "Tips & Techniques - New Ways to Print on Fabric"

Update! Since this article went to press, we now also have specially treated Colorfast Printer Fabric, Bubble Jet Set & Bubble Jet Rinse.