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Kaleido-Rulers Tutorial

For Making Kaleidoscope-type Quilt Blocks

Marti has loved the Kaleidoscope block "forever." It is made of two different triangles that can be cut from strips - and they can all be cut using a Kaleido-Ruler. Two companion books offer detailed how-to information and quilts from crib- to king-size, and a third book offers basic information plus a selection of reproducible Kaleidoscope layouts so you can design your own quilts. See How to Use the Kaleido-Rulers, below, for details on how to use the Kaleido-Rulers.

SMALL KALEIDO-RULER (2"-8" blocks)
LARGE KALEIDO-RULER (6"-16" blocks)

Kaleido-Krazy II

Quilts to make with either ruler plus working with stripes and other specialty fabrics

Basic information on the rulers plus photocopy-reproducible pages of layouts

How to Use the Kaleido-Rulers
Use the small Kaleido-Ruler to make 2" to 8" blocks, and the large Kaleido-Ruler to make 6" to 16" blocks:

1. Pick a finished block size. Find it on the blunted 45° end of the Kaleido-Ruler and cut strips the width printed on the ruler. Then use the Kaleido-Ruler to rotary-cut the isosceles triangles for the interior.




2. To cut the corner triangle strips: On the longest side of the Kaleido-Ruler, align the desired finished block size with the evenly cut edge of fabric and cut strips that width





3. To cut the corner triangles: Turn the ruler and align the finished block size with the edge of the strip. The point should touch the opposite edge of the strip.





Used here with Permission From Marti Michell