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Lone Star Christmas Tree Skirt

1. Follow the instructions in the Lone Star Quick Kit package to make the eight diamond sections. You'll find a tutorial for using the Quiltsmart Lone Star Kit here

2. Cut triangles of the background fabric by cutting eight 13" squares, then cutting these in half on the diagonal. 

3. Stitch two of the triangles to each diamond as shown.

Make 8

4. Sew the eight together, leaving one seam unstitched.

5. Cut a 4" diameter hole in the center.


6. Quilt and bind as desired.  

Note:  A fast and easy alternative is the "quick turn" method.  Cut a piece of background fabric to match the top.  Pin the two pieces right sides together and stitch ¼" from the raw edges.  Leave a gap of about 8" for turning the piece right side out.   

Add ribbon, cord,  or bias tape for ties to secure the skirt around the tree base.

With Kind Permission by Quiltsmart
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