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My-T-Fine Cutter - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

General Cutting Blades Noise Batteries


What makes the My-T-Fine Cutter better than other electric cutters produced in the past?
  1. Stringent material selection, stable proven components, impeccable manufacturing processing, thoroughly individually tested, and practical in its design, the My-T-Fine Cutter combines simplicity of use with particularly reliable performance.
  2. Many people comment about the way fabrics seem to float through the My-T-Fine Cutter making them extremely easy to use, particularly by individuals with arthritis or hand pain.
  3. The My-T-Fine Cutter is light weight and ergonomically designed making it extremely comfortable to use.
  4. The My-T-Fine Cutter is the most quiet cutter of its type ever produced.
  5. The My-T-Fine Cutter has the largest battery pack of any cutter of its type ever produced which results in a longer life of the cutter.
  6. The My-T-Fine Cutter has a powerful motor that can produce up to three times the power when needed as compared to other cutters.
  7. The My-T-Fine Cutter Blade sets are self-sharpening resulting in a longer cutting life between cutting blade changes.
  8. The My-T-Fine Cutter has already gained a reputation among experts and industrial users as the most technologically advanced and professional rechargeable cutter available.

Can you use the My-T-Fine Cutter with a ruler or against a straight edge?
  1. Use of the My-T-Fine Cutter along a straight edge is possible but it is difficult to produce perfectly accurate straight cuts. You can use the My-T-Fine Cutter without a straight edge and with a little practice, reasonably straight cuts can be achieved.
  2. My-T-Fine Cutter is currently working on a proprietary cutting guide which when used along with the My-T-Fine Cutter will produce perfectly precise straight cuts. Please look for the My-T-Fine Cutting Guide in the Fall of 2007.

Will the My-T-Fine Cutter cut my finger?
  1. The My-T-Fine Cutter is designed to eliminate the possibility of being cut by the blade set.
  2. Use by adults is safe because of their large finger diameters, which makes it virtually impossible for an adult to place a finger into the cutting area of the blades of the My-T-Fine Cutter.
  3. Children with very small diameter fingers could sustain injury from the blades. It is recommended that children not be allowed to use the My-T-Fine Cutter.

Can the blades be reversed for a left-handed person?
The My-T-Fine Cutter is designed for both a left-handed and right-handed person since the cutting actually takes place in the center of the blades.

Do you offer any type of guarantee ?
Yes. Your satisfaction is important and being happy with your purchase is the main reason a full two year limited warranty is offered on the cutting unit. For details, see our limited warranty.

Cutting Blades

What are the My-T-Fine Cutter blades made of?
The My-T-Fine Cutter blades are made of a proprietary stainless alloy with trace amounts of Melibnium and other metals to enhance the toughness and longevity of the blades.

Can the My-T-Fine Cutting blades be sharpened?
It is not recommended to attempt re-sharpening of the My-T-Fine blade set. The My-T-Fine Blades sets are sharpened to a specific angle, which is likely to be difficult or impossible to duplicate. Sharpening will remove metal from the cutting blades. Once the metal on the cutting blades is worn down or removed beyond a certain point, the blades will not function properly.

Can the My-T-Fine Cutting Blades be replaced?
Replacement blade sets are available. Please request My-T-Fine item number BS1.

How long will the My-T-Fine Cutting blades last?
  1. While the My-T-Fine Cutting blades are self-sharpening, it is virtually impossible to predict their life.
  2. Depending upon the weight, thickness and abrasive characteristics of the materials being cut, the life can vary dramatically. For typical light to medium weight materials that are not particularly abrasive you should be able to get approximately 2 hours of use per day for three to four months before the blades need to be replaced.
  3. It is also possible that the My-T-Fine Cutting Blade set may develop a burr on one or more of the blades for reasons such as cutting through a particularly hard material or items such as straight pins or staples, in which case the blades will need to be replaced.

What do I do if my My-T-Fine Cutter is not cutting properly?
  1. The most common reason for a malfunction in cutting is due to residue build-up on the blade set. It is recommended that you keep the My-T-Fine Blade set clean and free of debris. In order to eliminate the possibility of damage to any plastic parts on the My-T-Fine Cutter it is recommended to use ethyl alcohol and paper or cotton towels for cleaning of the blade set.
  2. The My-T-Fine Blade set may have developed a burr from cutting a particularly hard material in which case the blade set needs to be replaced. Sometimes a burr can be so small it cannot be seen with the naked eye. Burrs are particularly a nuisance as they can snag the material being cut.
  3. Be sure the My-T-Fine Cutter is fully charged. If the batteries of the cutting unit have run down, the proper cutting action can be diminished significantly.
  4. The My-T-Fine Cutting Blade set is fragile. Continuous banging of the tip of the blade set against any hard surface can alter the precisely set angles of the cutting blade set. Each and every blade set installed on a new My-T-Fine Cutter is individually tested on proprietary testing equipment at the factory. The angles of the My-T-Fine Blade set are specific. If the angles of the My-T-Fine Cutter Blade set have been disturbed, it will be necessary to purchase a new blade set (item BS1) to restore the My-T-Fine Cutter to its proper working condition.
  5. The My-T-Fine cutting blade set may be worn out and require replacement. Request item BS1 when ordering replacement blade sets.

How do I replace the My-T-Fine Cutter Blade sets?
  1. When purchasing replacement blade sets (item BS1) instructions are included on how to replace your My-T-Fine Cutter blade set. Read the instructions and in a couple of minutes a new blade set can be successfully installed.
  2. Please note that when replacing the screw and lock washer that attaches the bottom blade to the My-T-Fine Cutter, the screw must be tightly tightened otherwise it will cause the bottom blade to vibrate vigorously and damage the screw post. The screw post can be damaged and weakened due to the extreme stresses placed upon it during the use of the cutter over time.
  3. It is recommended, when replacing the blade set, to install the blade set as well as the new plastic covers supplied with the blade set. By replacing the plastic covers you will eliminate the possibility of installing a new blade set with old covers, which may have a weakened plastic screw post.
  4. For detailed instructions, see our directions for Changing the Blades.

Why don't you use a snap on and snap off replaceable blade system?
Snap on blade sets are extremely difficult to fix surely, resulting in wobbling of the blades. The blades will literally flop around and result in many cutting problems as well as snagging of materials.


How noisy is the My-T-Fine Cutter?
The My-T-Fine Cutter is the most quiet of any cutter of its type every produced.

What should I do if I have used my My-T-Fine Cutter for some time and the noise of the cutter seems to be getting louder.
  1. Most of the noise that the My-T-Fine Cutter produces is from the self-sharpening blades rubbing against one another. When you first opened your new My-T-Fine Cutter the cutting blades were covered with a small amount of clear, non-staining lubricating oil. After using the cutter for a period of time, the cutting oil on the blades will have been removed resulting in a noticeably higher noise level of the cutter. You will particularly notice this increase in noise when operating the cutter without any material. Placing a drop of clear non-staining oil between the blades will reduce the cutters noise to its original noise level.
  2. If you hear a dramatic increase in the noise level and the cutter is not cutting properly there may be a significant problem inside the My-T-Fine Cutter. Since we have never had a My-T-Fine Cutter returned with a defective motor or drive system, any excessive noise would probably be, though extremely rare, the result of the screw post breaking on the blade cover set and require a blade set replacement.


What type of batteries does the My-T-Fine Cutter use?
  1. The My-T-Fine Cutter unit has three non-replaceable 3.6-volt Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) batteries sealed in the My-T-Fine Cutter handle.
  2. Ni-MH batteries are used in the My-T-Fine Cutter because of their high levels of energy output on demand. These batteries can produce up to three times the electrical output when required by a heavy cutting load.
  3. Due to their large capacity and energy density features, users can expect a long time between charges and longer running time compared to other battery types.
  4. If the My-T-Fine Cutter is not kept in its charger base, the batteries will lose about 50% of their charge every 8 weeks.
  5. Ni-MH batteries are friendly to the environment and represent no problem of pollution when the My-T-Fine Cutter is disposed of at the end of its life.

Does the My-T-Fine Cutter have memory problems similar to those of other competitive cutters?
The batteries inside the My-T-Fine Cutter do not suffer from any type of memory issues which exist with other cutters. It is noted that a competitive unit was able to charge for the first time but produced a memory problem making it nearly impossible to recharge the cutter after a few uses. The My-T-Fine Cutter can be fully charged and fully discharged through the usable battery life of the cutter without developing any charging problems which exists for example with Nickel Cadmium type batteries.

How long should it take to charge the My-T-Fine Cutter?
While the My-T-Fine Cutter is shipped from the factory with approximately 80% of its full charge, the batteries lose their charge as time goes on. In order to get a fully charged unit for the first time, it will take as much as eight hours on the charging base. If you are actively fully charging and fully discharging the My-T-Fine Cutter, the full recharge time after a few charges will be reduced to approximately three hours.

How will I know when the My-T-Fine Cutter is fully charged?
  1. Place the My-T-Fine Cutter in its charging base.
  2. Be sure the electrical adapter is plugged into an electrical outlet and connected to the charging base.
  3. When first placing the cutter in the charging base a red light will appear on the electrical adapter that is plugged into the electrical outlet.
  4. When the light on the electrical adapter turns green, the My-T-Fine Cutter is fully charged.

Does the My-T-Fine Cutter need to be fully charged before it can be used?
  1. No. Even if the light is red on the charging adapter and has not turned green, the My-T-Fine Cutter should still have enough power to operate properly. If the My-T-Fine Cutter does not operate properly, the batteries may be so run down that they require more charging.
  2. Most people fully charge the cutter prior to using it the first time. If you are actively using the My-T-Fine Cutter it should be placed back in the charging base when not in use. The batteries in the My-T-Fine Cutter have no need to be fully discharged before recharging. By placing the cutter in the charging base when it is not being used it will always be charging and ready for use.

How long will the batteries last between charges?
  1. If the My-T-Fine Cutter is removed from its charging base and not recharged, the time to discharge the battery will mainly be determined by the density and weight of materials being cut.
  2. When testing a thin fabric material we were able to cut continuously for 75 minutes. When testing a very thick material we were able to cut continuously for 39 minutes. If there are intervals between cutting (30 seconds between cuts) the working time will be longer.
  3. When the battery charge is very low, the cutting unit will not function properly as it is not receiving the proper amount of power to operate and can cause the material being cut to jam in the cutter. If this occurs it is recommended to fully recharge the My-T-Fine Cutter before continuing use.

How many times can I fully recharge the My-T-Fine Cutter before the batteries are depleted?
  1. The batteries in the My-T-Fine Cutter are capable of being fully recharged 400 - 500 times before they are fully depleted.
  2. If you are cutting light weight material the battery life of the My-T-Fine Cutter can be as much as 625 hours of continuous use before the batteries are fully depleted. If you are cutting heavy weight material the battery life of the My-T-Fine Cutter can be 330 hours or less before the batteries are fully depleted. Obviously the life of the batteries mainly depend upon the density and weight of the materials being cut.
  3. The life of the sealed batteries inside the My-T-Fine Cutter have an extremely long operating life compared to other cutting units. When you think about it, 500 hours for example, of continuous cutting time, is a lot of cutting.
  4. When the batteries are fully depleted, a new My-T-Fine Cutter will need to be purchased as the old cutter is of no further use.