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Professional Touch™ Applicator Wand Tutorial


Attaching hot-fix crystals, pearls, rhinestuds and nailheads to flat surfaces is easy using a household iron. But what if you want to apply to those not so easy surfaces? If you desire to add these exciting little jewels to fabrics and other surfaces that can't be ironed, then you're in luck! The Professional Touch™ Applicator Wand® is your dream come true! Easy-to-use, with eight interchangeable screw-in tips, it is the most advanced applicator of its kind on the market today. Attractively designed, the wand is light and comfortable with a slim, ergonomically correct handle with rubberized grip. With the Applicator Wand you can apply crystals, pearls, rhinestuds and nailheads to difficult surfaces like tulle, velvets, plastic, candles and artificial flowers in seconds. The Applicator Wand heats up and is ready to use in just two to four minutes. The Applicator Wand is designed so that no hot metal part actually touches the surface - only the melted glue backing.

1. Choose the correct size attachment tip for the hot-fix embellishment you've selected. Sizes are marked on the tips.
2. With the Professional Touch Applicator Wand® unplugged and cool to the touch, hand screw the selected tip clock wise into the Wand.
3. Plug in the Wand and preheat for about 2 minutes. Be careful - the metal end of the Wand and the tip get very hot! Do not touch any metal parts of the Wand or the tips whilst in use.
4. To clean a tip, use a metal grill brush and brush the tip whilst it is still hot.
5. Allow the Wand and tips to cool before disassembling and storing.

To attach hot-fix crystals and rhinestuds:
1. Place the items you want to use crystal side up on your work surface. (glue side facing down on the work surface)
2. Vertically position the Wand over the item you want to pick up.
3. With a very light touch, pick up the item in the cup at the end of the tip. Do not force the item into the tip.
4. Turn the Wand upright and wait for about 10 to 12 seconds until the glue gets shiny and starts to bubble.

The time will be less for smaller items and slightly longer for bigger items.
5. Holding the Wand vertically, lightly tap the crystal or pearl onto the surface you want to embellish. The crystal or pearl will attach to the surface and slide out of the tip. You do not need to use any pressure. Just a gentle touch.

In a few seconds, the glue will have cooled and the crystal or pearl will be securely attached.
6. If a crystal or pearl gets stuck in the tip, just insert a straight pin into the slot in the tip and gently push it out onto the surface to be embellished.

To apply nailheads and pearls iron:

1. Place the nailhead, glue side down, on the garment or other chosen surface.
2. Choose the appropriate tip to apply light pressure for 10-15 seconds. You need to touch the entire surface of the nailhead with the tip.
3. Check that the nailhead is firmly attached and, if necessary, repeat heated pressure until secure.

To apply crystals with an iron:
1. Preheat dry iron to cotton setting with no steam.
2. Place crystal, glue side down, on fabric.
3. Cover with a thin cloth or handkerchief.
4. Press for 10 to 15 seconds using downward pressure.
5. Check if securely applied.
6. Repeat if necessary.

To use the Iron-On Ribbon & Thread Tips:

The Small Tip is perfect for quilt seams, embroidery, fusible thread and fusible bias tape. The size and shape are ideal for embroideries - press next to and inside your embroidery without pressing the threads.

The tip is also perfect for pressing smocking and quilting seams which can be pressed open without touching the cut edge of the fabric, eliminating "show-through".

Quilters will enjoy being able to precisely press seams to one side while keeping the point on the seamline, as well as pressing where seams cross with precision.

The Large Tip is perfect for heating larger areas quickly and easily. The Large Tip makes appliqué work a breeze.

The tip is also perfect for sewing. When pressing open 5/8" seams with the tip on the seamline, the edge of the tip will not touch the cut edge of the fabric so there is no "show-through".