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Punch Rewards FAQ

 What are Punch Rewards? 

For each order placed on our website you will receive Punch Rewards which may be converted into Punch Dollars at the checkout. You choose how many of your Punch Rewards you wish to use to spend there and then.

Punch Rewards are only for orders placed online and cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash . They cannot be used for purchases at any shows. 

 How many Punch Rewards will I earn when I purchase products online? 

In most cases, for every dollar you spend online you will earn 1 Punch Reward. Items which are already discounted will earn fewer or no Punch Rewards. Sometimes we will offer bonus Punch Rewards on certain items. The number of Punch Rewards you can earn for each item is displayed immediately above its price on the detailed product description page.
 A very small number of products will earn less Punch Rewards than generally attributed to each product; that may be because there's a small margin allowed upon those products.

 What are my Punch Rewards worth? 

40 Punch Rewards are worth 1 Australian Dollar. 

 Where can I see how many Punch Rewards I have? 

  1. Log in to your account by clicking on the My Account link at the top of the page
  2. Once logged in, click on the My Account link and select Details from the drop down menu. This opens your Account Details page. 
  3. Select Punch Rewards from the choices. The page will display the total number of Punch Rewards and also a list of Punch reards earned on previous orders as well as any orders where you used Punch rewards for payment

 Can anyone earn Punch Rewards? 

All of our registered customers will earn points whenever they log in to make an online purchase. You must register to earn Punch Rewards. There are other advantages to registering, for example - you won't have to enter your address details every time you order and you can also keep a wishlist of products that you can send to family and friends and will be able to track your order's history.

 When is my Punch Rewards tally updated?  

Once we process your order your Punch Rewards tally will be updated. We try to process all orders within 24 hours but in busy periods there may be a longer delay. 
Please note that Punch Rewards will only be credited on items that are in stock and can be billed and delivered to you. If you ordered an item that can't be delivered immediately your Punch Points tally will only include the points for that item once the item is delivered to you.

 How do I use my Punch Rewards?  

When you checkout, if you wish to pay for all or part of your order click on the message "Redeem Your Rewards Points" that appears under the Place Order button under your order total on the checkout page

The screen will refresh and show the total number of points you have available. You can change the number in the box to however many points you wish to use for the order. IN the example below the customer can use up to 469 points.

Click on the Redeem button and the Order total will change showing how much you may still need to pay if you do not have enough points to pay for the entire order.. Choose your payment method and pay for the extra amount.

 What are the Terms and Conditions? 

Punch Rewards cannot be redeemed for cash
 Punch Rewards cannot be used for postage and aren't earned on postage costs.
 Punch Rewards can only be earned and redeemed via our website. They are not available for use at any of the craft shows. They can't be used to pay for Retreats or Workshops.
 Punch Rewards are not transferable.
 We reserve the right to amend a customer's Punch Rewards tally on items which are returned to us or on items that can't be billed and delivered due to supplier issues.
 We reserve the right to cancel or amend the Punch Rewards program at any time. 

 Punch Points Vouchers

Note: Our Punch Points Vouchers system has been replaced with Punch Rewards. Any outstanding Punch Points Vouchers can continue to be redeemed according to the details below.

Save the vouchers and when you have accumulated sufficient Punch Points $$$$$, simply quote your voucher numbers to be spent on the product of your choice (excluding any Specials).

Please note that when you use your Punch Points to purchase an item it HAS to be accompanied by a regular order and WILL NOT be processed separately. i.e. You can use your Punch Points to purchase an ADDITIONAL item with your NEXT regular order of other items. Postage is your responsibility no matter how big or small your order - as is our normal policy. Your FREE purchase is simply sent together with that NEW order. The web site order forms include a space where you can quote your Punch Points voucher numbers. 

Punch Points Vouchers can only be used once; the numbers will be cancelled when used.

Punch Points expire one year from their date of issue.

Punch Points can only be earned for orders made via the web site and not used at Shows.

Punch Points are not available or earned for wholesale orders.

Punch Points are not available for items already on special.

Punch Points cannot be used as a discount dollar amount from an ordered item.

When you make an order and wish to reclaim your Punch Points the web site order forms include a space where you can quote your Punch Points voucher number.