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Punch with Judy - December 2008 Mini Newsletter





Hi Everyone,

Pre Christmas Housekeeping Notes:


Not a Newsletter as such, but wishing to advise Holiday Dates and Christmas close-off.


These will need to be made before 2pm Monday 22nd December

(Eastern Standard Daylight Saving Time)

for Express Mail Monday so as delivery is assured on Christmas Eve



Gift Vouchers are the way to go for those last minute gifts.  You may order them right up until Christmas Eve and it is INSTANT.  As soon as I receive your order, the recipient is emailed with the Gift Voucher containing your message.  This means you are giving them something immediately.  Ideal for people across the miles and the solution for you when you're "stuck" as to what to give them.  Save you shopping time too plus they're able to choose exactly as they want and need.  PERFECT!  Any value from only $5.00 and in increments of $5.00 up to whatever.

Our staff are now on Annual Leave, so I am Girl Friday doing all the jobs, the other reason I've asked for all orders to be made before Monday afternoon!  We've all worked very hard and long hours to ensure all orders were completed last week so as the postie had time to deliver your goodies before the Holidays.

For the first time ever, John and I are getting away for a few days between Boxing Day and New Year to the South Coast of NSW to Narooma.  We are both very excited about this and just hope for good weather.  Melinda and family will join us in the unit she found which belongs to one of her friends who doesn't require it at that time this year.  Rowan will be home to take care of the farm and the animals.  So, I'm quite sure you will understand the following:

Important Announcement:

There will be no mail despatches from 24th December through until 5th January. 

Last mailing will be Tuesday 24th, so check you have all the threads and notions you need for your holiday sewing.  I wouldn't like to think I was letting anyone down with their needs. 

I will send my Christmas Wishes to you on Christmas Eve, but as some may have already left home by that time to visit their families for Christmas, I wish those dear friends a safe and happy holiday.  Drive carefully.  

Merry Christmas to you.




For the rest of my friends, talk again soon.  Remember too, if you receive any $$$$s for Chrissy, our 2009 January Birthday Daily Specials are all set to go and I have some great bargains for you to come.  This is the another reason why those few days after Christmas is the only time I feel comfortable with of having a few days break!  If you're away on holidays and feel deprived of missing out, then you may phone me to check what that day's special is - because some really got upset last year pointing out that many are away from their computers during January.  Sorry, January IS our Birthday month.

Till next time,

Your friend,



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