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Punch with Judy - December 2008 Newsletter



In This Issue:-

1. What's New?
2. Made in Australia
3. Christmas Specials
4. Stitches Subscribers Offers
5. Damaged & Discontinued
6. Did You Know?



Hi Everyone,

Pre-Christmas Notes:

Christmas is fast approaching and we all are so busy with end of the year functions, children's school presentations to attend, shopping and cleaning the house ready for the rellies who visit - that we wonder how we'll ever get all our commitments and chores done.  But we do.  So, chin up, hang in there.  I've got so many great Christmas Specials and have grouped them together on our Specials Page for you.  As I mentioned in my last Newsletter, most companies have already forwarded their 2009 Price Changes effective 1st January, so it really is to your benefit if you consider any of the major items you've been hesitating about because the phrase "Beat the Price Rise" really is so true this month.  Please note though, we will ONLY raise our prices as new stock arrives, never do we raise our prices right across the board.

We had great excitement here this morning (as I write, Thursday) as WIN 9 News visited interviewing John and our neighbour re emu farming.  I t was on WIN News this evening but, as always, edited a fair bit so John only spoke very briefly out of his 15 minute interview.  Two sentences to be truthful.  He thought he was going to be a big TV Star!  He quickly quipped that not many can say they've actually been on TV!   I backed down from being interviewed as this is HIS domain and he did very well, apart from looking so old as he'd just been "shorn" himself for the summer months.  I had put together a little arrangement of the Emu Products we sell so as they could round the story with a quick flick of those, however, they chose to interview John in front of it.  Notice how I placed some of our Punch with Judy purple bags as the backdrop?  Glad I did now, but at the time it was only to take away the pale background.  I'm sorry now that they didn't interview me as it would've been a tremendous plug for my website!  All is not lost though, they were extremely interested in the fact that we manufacture a product that we successfully export - our Pleat Makers.  So, they'll be back for another interview.

Talking about that fabulous Purple Bag of ours, Punch with Judy DID attend Houston International Quilt Festival in Texas USA several weeks ago without me even being there.  What a hoot!  Wendy, one of my dear Scquilters friends, sent me this photo to prove it.  Wendy, shown here with her friend Nicky, said " You weren't there personally, but you were in spirit. I took along one of your purple bags to be my tote bag during Quilt Market / Festival.  I reckon I was pulled up 3 or 4 times by people asking me if I were you!!  VBG!  One or two of the people you distribute for recognised the logo..... so you were there  - in a funny sort of way!"  Thanks Wendy, I did get quite a chuckle from this.  PWJ Bags are $2.00 at present.  In case some of you are wondering, "Scquilters" is a quilting internet group I belong to and hold very dear to my heart.


Went to a friend's Clearance Sale last Saturday and came home with a few items - John just loves these as you know.  Some bargains, but this time all for me!  Missed out on a fabulous 40 ft container though, it just went for too high a price for us. Also got some items that got passed in, one being, at my friend's insistance, a Knitting Machine and all accessories, simply because it is the same model as mine (which hasn't been used since we moved here 16 years ago I might add) and you never know when I may need some spare parts or new needles!  One can't tell.  So, more junk to store...........

Read on for all our Christmas Specials and I'll be back before Christmas.


Happy Sewing,
Your friend,




S o many new products for you to peruse under the heading What's New on my website.

The Westalee Design Rulers have certainly kept us busy with orders since they won the "Viewer's Choice Award" on ABC's New Inventors recently.  Keep it up please!  By the way, apologies for the last misinformation re a repeat programming of that final episode but I had taken it directly from their own website.  I can tell you though, it is repeated for the 4th time at 12.30pm on Tuesday 16th December and that's from ABCs TV Program advice.  As part of their prize from the ABC, Bill & Leonie West are this week attending a Trade Show in Hong Kong for other new inventions.  You never know what may be forthcoming in the future!

It is so encouraging to see so many orders coming in for other than the straight rulers too - this means you already have an 18" or 24" Westalee Adjustable Ruler and are so happy with it you want more products from the range.  The Westalee Starter Kit has been such a hit but so many have also asked for the 24" ruler in it rather than the 18" - yes, of course, you may and it's only $6.00 extra.  I've now also grouped together the Westalee Miniatures Set with a big saving.

Want to get yourself organized with all your notions when you go to a class or even just at home?  Then take a peep at the Krafter's Purse, it's a fabulous tabletop organizer.   Has so many pockets!

Daylight Company have released a very handy item for needleworkers who like working sitting in their favourite armchair!  The Needlework Up-Light rests on your lap with like a bean bag cushion on the under side for stability, whilst having a fabulous soft light enabling you to see even the darkest of fabrics clearly for each stitch perfection.

Ever so many new items in the Specials Section too.


Julie Hall, one of Australia's great Machine Embroidery Digitizers, has released two more CDs just in time for your summer holiday sewing.  Julie has recreated traditional crewel embroidery into easy machine embroidery with Crewel Intentions.  Her other new one is simply heart-warming.  Now who doesn't love little teddy bears?  Bearing Love is different in the way that Julie has digitized these whimsical fairy teddies.

We are so proud of all our Australian Designers.



There are some great specials on selected Yazzii Bags that you really won't be able to resist, whether it be for Christmas Gifts or to reward yourself.  Many of these are special lines we've introduced just for your Christmas Gift buying, such as this Cosmetic Handbag.  Some truly great offers here - once gone, they're gone, as these are special buys!  I know I'll be doing some of my Christmas shopping right here. No-one makes bags to the same quality that we've come to expect from The Yazzii Collection.  You'll be very satisfied.

Madeira once again have given us lots of temptations for you in their thread collections.  Particularly, the Madeira Treasure Chest as it will cost more in 2009, possibly $100.00 more. (Stock is very limited on this one though)  Plus, you shouldn't overlook the "too good to be true" offer from Outback Embroidery for their Rayon Thread pack of 100 spools for Half Price. 

One can never have too many different types of scissors, so you should take advantage of Olfa's decision to delete these three Olfa Scissors from their range as they are "dirt cheap".  Likewise, every quilter needs more than one rotary cutter and who can resist such a pretty one as this, particularly when it is from Olfa and reduced so much?  Whether you are a beginner or accomplished quilter, here is a special pack of quality products in the Olfa Value Pack.

Klasse have a beautifully velvet boxed pair of quality gold scissors to make a perfect gift or just for yourself.

Do you admire the way some people can dress something up with ribbons in an exciting way?  A book called Christmas Ribbonry will show you amazing decorative ways with ribbons and grant you self satisfaction with your new skills.



How many times have you purchased your own Christmas Gift from HIM to YOU, wrapped it, placed it under the Christmas Tree, then on Christmas morning opened it delightfully screaming that it is just what you always wanted and acting so surprised?  C'mon, yes, of course, you have!  Well, here's some treats that may fall into this category.  All of these will definitely be costing more early 2009, so don't delay, if you want it, ask Santa!  Treat yourself to an Ott-Lite or Daylight Lamp to pamper your eyes when you work at night, or even on a dull day.  Your eyes are precious. We have arranged special freight charges for delivery of these prior to Christmas, providing you order before Wed. 17th Dec.  Ott-Lite is $12.00 anywhere within Australia and Daylight is $20.00 anywhere within Australia.  PLUS, Ott-Lite are offering a FREE Canvas Ott-Lite Tote Bag on some of their Ott-Lite Floor Lamps and Daylight are offering a FREE Needlework Up-Light on some of their Daylight Floor Lamps too.  There are a few models, I've just highlighted one of each, so do check them all out.  The Daylight models are the new version too, just released this week.  They have a 320 degree "easy-twist" shade and other slight modifications.

Slimline Light Boxes have kept their prices down all year, but manufacturing costs are forcing a price rise.  Again, delivered anywhere within Australia for only $10.00 for either the 17" or 24" models.

If you take your sewing machine to classes or even on holidays (yes, some do) then you should consider the safety for travelling that a 3 piece Trolley Bag Set offers.  $12.00 freight anywhere within Australia and available in Black, Camel or Slate Grey.   I know these may rise by $100.00 in January.

I've been using a Tilt' able lately and it certainly has made a big difference for my viewing the actual sewing area without backstrain and gives better sewing results because you're looking down on top of your work. Actually, I was so impressed that I now have my computer keyboard tilted too.

You may like to have some electric scissors such as the My-T-Fine Cutter or an electric Stitch Eraser for Machine Embroidery.

The above are all the types of items you need to tell HIM that you'd like or that you buy for yourself!

Maybe you'd like to learn a new craft over the summer holidays?  Kumihimo, Japanese Braiding, is so much fun and even the young can manage this.  I'll be teaching my granddaughters during the summer break.  The Kumihimo Collection is a complete package containing an excellent book, disks and thread. 

Maybe you'd like to learn Russian Punchneedle Embroidery.  It is so easy, but if you need help we will be offering Online Classes during 2009.

Learn something new or simply perfect your quilting or sewing with advice and know-how from an expert with a CD or DVD.  Maybe you like listening to stories/songs from Cathy Miller about quilting or beautiful music from musician extraordinaire Ricky Tims with his Christmastime Musical CD. 

Ricky also has a pack of playing cards featuring his quilts, making a great gift for anyone.  These are in the Quilter's Gifts section and here you will find many inexpensive gifts.  Such as a Wooden Sewing Machine Thread Holder & Pincushion or a beautiful hand-felted pincushion with a sturdy cedar base.  Maybe some Refrigerator Magnets with quilt designs.

Just for a real hoot, I have some Black Panythose and some Black Trouser Socks, both with sewing items on them such as scissors, reel thread etc. to clear for only $2.00 each.  Not on my website, just ask for them in the additional comments section of your order.

When you absolutely can't think of what someone may like, play it safe and give them a Gift Voucher.  It is even the perfect gift right up until Christmas Eve because it's instant and you don't have to worry about mail not arriving in time.




Subscribe to Australian Stitches via our website and then you're eligible to receive all the monthly specials Punch with Judy offers within each issue. There's always four current Issue Offers on my website which allows you plenty of time to consider, even though the magazine states a closing date of one month only for each offer. You recoup your subs fee in no time at all, plus you have all that wonderful reading and knowledge shared. 

Now a subscription makes an ideal gift to send someone special or for your rellies to give you.





Unfortunately, we've had a broken 18" Westalee Adjustable Ruler but nothing that glue couldn't fix.  Norma lly $39.00 now $20.00.  ONE only.

One only Springfield 4" Square, snapped in two, right across the middle, still in celophane wrapping so is a clean break.  RRP $7.95, now $4.00.  Note: The link is to a 4.5" square, but this one is definitely 4" square.

Marti Michell's Diagonal Set Triangle Ruler for 3" to 9" blocks, has point broken off but could be glued.  RRP $19.95 now $12.00.

Two of these - Marti Michell's 60 degree Equilateral Triangle Ruler for 2" to 6" blocks - both are perfect except for some scratches due to travelling on our stands.  Just don't feel I can sell them as "new".  RRP $17.95 now $13.95.

My Favourite Mitering Ruler 8" x 24" from Marti Michell, has a fine split down one side for approx 6" and could be used as is, but really should be taped or glued.  Nothing broken off, just the split.  RRP $32.95 now $25.00

Postage will be added to any of the above.




Did you know that a collection of indigenous textile art will be an inspirational feature of the AQC in Melbourne from Feb 26 to March 1 2009?  Supported by Expertise Events, the Babbarra Textile Artists exhibition will feature original artworks created in central Arnhem Land, NT by the members of Babbarra Women's Centre.  The textiles feature a combination of printing, hand painting, screen-printing and tie-dyeing to represent the cultural and linguistic diversity of the Maningrida region of central Arnhem Land.

Did you know that January is our Website's 8th Birthday and as we did this year, we will have a different special advertised each day, but you'll need to check it out each morning to see what that particular day's special may be.  So as I'm not up to midnight EVERY night like I had to this year to change it over as the clock struck 12, I will be changing the daily special at 9.00am each day.  There are some really fabulous specials organized for you my friends, so here's hoping you get some $$$dollar$$$ gifts for Christmas!!!   You may buy daily and have individual postings, or, you may "run an account" for all of January and have your purchases sent in one parcel at the end of the month.  Some were disappointed that they were on holidays (away from their computer) so missed out on weeks of specials; I'm sorry for this but it IS January when our Birthday is.  Maybe you could phone me each day and I can tell you what today's special is - if you're really keen!

Also note, that I've re-scheduled my staff and their summer holiday break so as to "manage" more efficiently your tallies than we did this year when we were beside ourselves with the response.

Did you know that the old saying in sewing is to "Measure Twice, Cut Once"?  Well, here's a new slant on it.

Happy Christmas Shopping,


Till next time,



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