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Punch with Judy - Lucky Draw 2009 Winners





Hi Everyone,

Not a Newsletter as such, but a Special Announcement.


Oh my!  The month is OVER!  Who is volunteering to come and work for a week or two?  Didn't you have fun though?  I know you did from all the comments on your orders and emails I've received.  I want you to know they were particularly appreciated and you're such a great bunch of people. Makes all the hard work worth while and a whole month of specials is the least I can do for all my special customers - the ones who are reading this Newsletter!  One interesting email said how it had opened her eyes as to how little she knew and how many products she didn't know existed.  Has now browsed most of my website in awe being educated and introduced into so many new crafts.  Many said they waited with much anticipation every morning until 9 o'clock to see what wonderful offer was on the website for that day.  After my Australia Day Newsletter a few emailed and said they'd forgotten all about our Birthday Offers - my, my, girls!   

Two very special customers in our January Celebrations were drawn yesterday and have been emailed individually of such a lovely surprise.  The Winners Announcement is now on my website too, but I thought I should email everyone because some may not want to visit my website for a little while for fear of their tattered budget.  Of course, this is not true, it's just a rumour.


First Prize of $100.00 Shopping Spree from the entire website has been won by Carole Redman from Hurstbridge, Vic.

Carole had purchased more towards the end of the month, so maybe was away during the first few weeks as I know it wouldn't have been because there wasn't anything being offered she didn't need!  What a wonderful surprise to now be getting another hundred dollars worth of goodies without having to pay for them - that's the best part.  Carol was so excited that she forgot to email me back straight away.  It just didn't sink in that she'd actually won.  She eventually emailed me saying "Thank you so much for the prize of the Shopping Voucher.  I hadn't focused on the available prizes as I looked daily at your January Specials and was quite surprised when I saw my name scroll through on your website.  I actually had to do a double take to make sure I wasn't seeing things.  I was thrilled to bits.  I am now looking forward to spending my prize.  Thanks to all those involved and a big thank you to you, Judy."

All my pleasure Carole!

Second Prize of $50.00 Shopping Spree from the entire website has been won by Jann Woollard from Strathfield, N.S.W.

Jann controllably ordered a few times during the month and was delighted when I emailed her with her good news.  Jann replied "Well, you have made my day! I am thrilled to have an extra $50.00 to spend. Thank you. I have always wanted (needed?) a Lightbox and notice you have the Slimline Micro Lite Light Box for $59.00. I can't wipe the grin off my face, I'm so delighted to have won something I have thought of buying for ages, but never got round to actually doing.

Thank you for your January birthday promotion - it is great to stock up on craft items at discounted prices! I hope it was very successful for you.  Please don't let anyone talk you out of doing it again next year, even if it is a great deal of work. Happy customers are likely to repeat order whether the items are discounted or not.

Regards and thanks again -- WOW is right!  Jann"

Isn't that just great?  I know, sad it wasn't you though.

You are all now poorer but think how much better off you're going to be with all those little treasures on their way to you shortly.  Things you just can't do without - so it seems!  Hide the plastic card and the next statement from whomever and enjoy.  Please let me know if you want your order despatched urgently, but we'll endeavour to have them all mailed out before my Show Season commences in two weeks time.   Start a little Piggy Jar now, ready for January 2010; pop a few coins (preferably gold) into it each week and you won't even notice that it is straight after Christmas next year.  I tried to offer a variety of our products and there were some unbelievable specials.  Planning had been happening all year searching for products and the whole coupon code set up well before Christmas. My special thanks to Adrienne, my webmaster, for her execution of my wishes.  It all went very smoothly and we're extremely happy.

Someone emailed me after last year's Birthday that I should consider allowing each and every Newsletter Subscriber their own Birthday Special on your special day of the year.  I'll announce that shortly.  Just letting you know that I DO listen and appreciate any feedback you ever care to offer.



Till next time,


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