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Punch with Judy - March 2006 Newsletter


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Hello Everyone,

May I extend the warmest of Welcomes to all our new subscribers and there are MANY. Since our new website changed "homes" late January, things have been sky-rocketing.
Newsletters are sent approx. every 4-6 weeks, depending upon my schedule and available time. Because there are so many newcomers, I should warn you that this is not like your normal newsletters from other companies but more like a chatty letter between friends as we are a pretty special group of sewers. Yes, this one is lengthy, but then I do have a lot of things to relay to keep you up to date. They are not all so long, so please don't send in a barrage of "unsubscribes". Print it out and read it over a cuppa later.

I've been noting just how many have registered online which has to be a time saver for you for future website visits. Please remember also, that when registered, all your details are kept on file so as new orders are simplified for you. If you don't wish to use your Credit Card on the internet, then simply phone those details through and we can keep them on file separately. Then all you need to do when placing an order is simply type into that section "On File" rather than placing your Credit Card details in. Great idea.

How many of you have tried our new "Wish List" which is for your eyes only as your own personal little list of things for future reference that you may like to consider or have your family look at from time to time, meaning like at Mother's Day, Birthday or Christmas. Another great idea.

The year has commenced well with three shows now completed and lots of exciting new things happening and products for you to have fun with. A report on the AQC, news of forthcoming shows and my daily workshops etc. are noted further into the Newsletter. Please be aware that Punch with Judy will NOT be at the Gold Coast Craft & Quilt Fair this weekend, or at the one in July also on the Gold Coast. We will be at the normal Stitches & Craft Show straight after Easter though to be held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre in Southbank.

Do take particular note of the new Pre-Show Seminars for the Craft & Quilt Fairs this year. I'm really excited with the whole line up of educational ideas that I have put together for 2006, all about Threads.

Hasn't the Commonwealth Games been exciting? Melbourne has done herself proud in the commitment and presentation of every aspect to make them the "friendly games" as they are known for. I have to pull myself away from the TV at times.

I'm just so over the moon about our Pleat Makers being published in Burda Patchwork, a quilting magazine from France. Do read about that further down. It puts us on the map in many ways, certainly in Europe. This is a milestone for us. I say us, because John makes them you know. I help as they go through our huge pleating machine, but from then on, John does it all.

The family of Turkeys has now grown nearly as big as their mother. It has been the highlight of the summer months watching this young family and their habits, but the time has come when we are tired of the poop and the garden scratching. Rather than roaming free all day, kings of the farmyard, they are now in the henhouse mingling with the chooks and they don't like it. Wings are cut but I notice this week they are up on top of the henhouse again already. Big Bird has become ferocious again so I think maybe Fifi could be ready to lay more eggs. Heaven forbid. Everyone who visits gets asked to take a few turkeys home with them. No. of course, we can't eat them!

Apart from 10ml of rain last Monday, we've had no rain at all since early December and the area is looking very dry. This time of the year is when the Emus have no pin feathers, making them far easier to pluck, so our flock is reduced heavily. Read between the lines. We are selling all the oil we can get at present, so I hope the wretched Bird Flu stays in Asia, thank you.

Our Warehouse is now completed! How wonderful. I shall place a picture for you on the "About Us" section of my website. Since the photo was taken, we now have lovely pot plants along the front as well making it very homely. In fact, it is bigger than the first two houses we lived in. There is a beautiful Stained Glass Door entrance which is hidden behind the trailer and John has this week built a "landing" for the van to back into. The Warehouse is much larger than this photo shows it as though. I'm in heaven. I'll put a better picture up on the website eventually for all to see. It was just soooo hot over January when the guys were working. We (the electrician and I) even killed a large brown snake on our back verandah who visited for a drink. I think I was very brave with the shovel, more than I can say for the Electrician who ended up on top of the brick fence to kill it with his shovel!

It was certainly great having Rowan (our son) home from South Korea during February. It was meant to be for good this time, but an offer too good to refuse saw him return a few weeks ago for yet another year. Definitely home to settle at the end of this year though.

All the family is fine with our second grandchild commencing High School this year. Where the years go I don't know.

Enjoy your reading and I hope to hear some reports back from you and maybe catch up at a forthcoming show.

Happy Sewing,

Your friend,



For a complete listing of all the major Shows for 2006, you may visit our Show Schedule section.

Please note that Punch with Judy WILL NOT be attending the new Craft & Quilt Fair at the Gold Coast this week, in reply to the emails I've received. However, we WILL be at the Brisbane Stitches & Craft Show in April. These two shows are being held so close together and with Tassie & Easter in between, we chose to forgo the invitation. I need my health and sanity to keep writing to you! Nor will we be at the 2nd Gold Coast Show in July held by the Stitches & Craft team. My opinion is fewer and better Shows; gone are the days where you save up all year and can't wait for the ONE Show that you wouldn't dare miss out on.

We are leaving for Hobart's Craft & Quilt Fair on 1st April, so you will need to advise me of any particular items you Tassie girls want me to bring for you before that date. Since we are travelling via the Spirit of Tasmania with our van and no trailer, we can't bring everything so it is important you place a pre-show request for any items in particular.
The show will be held at the Derwent Entertainment Centre, Glenorchy, Hobart from 6th to 9th April, 2006 within 10.00am to 4.00pm daily.
We will be on Stand A02 quite near the front entrance.

For those attending, I have a Free Workshop at 1.00pm daily in Workshop 3 entitled, "Quilting with Zing & Pizzazz!" Quilts with "zing" attract attention. Pizzazz your quilting with new trendy ideas and products. Let Judy show you how to embellish your quilting with that little touch of WOW!
This will have something for everyone, no matter what your level of expertise. I hope you can attend. It is a shame it is only a short workshop for 20 mins. but I will also be demonstrating on the stand if you need more as a "one to one" explanation.
For details of my Pre-Show Seminar see the next section.

The Brisbane Stitches & Craft Show will be held from 19th - 23rd April at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. We will be on Stand 1157 as usual. I'm very disappointed that the organizers had to change the dates to make it so soon after Easter and I object to losing some of Easter to travel but I didn't want to let you down, so we are attending, though I did seriously consider not doing so. I'm rebelling a lot in my "old age" aren't I? Easter Egg hunt on Easter Sunday with my grandchildren is very important to me as well as it's one of the few times in the year that we can relax spending this precious time with family.

My daily workshop will be in Workshop 1 at 12.45pm daily entitled "Fantastic Ideas & Trends in Quilting & Machine Embroidery" to suit all levels. I will show you how to PIZAZZ your quilts; embellish your sewing with Hot-Fix Crystals, Angelina Fiber, new Machine Embroidery designs and so much more! Plus, discover how to transfer your favourite photos onto fabric including in a Double Wedding Ring Quilt.

Shows that have "been"………
AUSTRALASIAN QUILT CONVENTION - It Just Gets Better! was the headlines for the Media Release reporting on the AQC held in Melbourne at the end of January this year. Following the successful launch of AQC in February 2005, the convention celebrated patchwork and quilting with an elaborate collection of award-winning quilts from around the world. There were also 75 specialty retailers, social functions, plus classes and workshops taught by some of the best quilters from Australia and abroad.
Nearly 6,000 visitors attended AQC, visiting both the marketplace and the quilt show to top up on supplies and inspiration and attending the 57 free workshops.

With the AQC getting bigger and better and the plans for the 2007 convention already underway, the future is looking bright. AQC 2007 will be held once again at the Melbourne Convention Centre from 22nd - 25th February, back to where it was in 2005 and back to its normal time. For further particulars you may visit for all the latest information as it becomes available.

So, start making your plans now and save your loose change into a piggybank and remember to visit our stand! Bookings for workshops fill within hours of being released it seems so request from the website to be on their mailing list.

Sydney February and Melbourne March STITCHES & CRAFT SHOWS have now passed well and truly initiating us into the merry throng of the gypsy trail for 2006. Always great to catch up with you all and so many did actually stop by and have a chat. I really do like putting a face to the name and hearing about your doings too. Some even bring a little "show and tell" for me too. Penny seems to have her own little group of followers in her Punchneedle corner and has had some inspiring embroiderers show us their efforts. Particularly impressed with one young lad at Melbourne Show who showed us several very arty little pieces. Heard Penny explaining to him how to group them altogether to make his first mini quilt. Isn't that rewarding for a demonstrator and student alike?


Pleased to announce that my new project has been accepted by Expertise Events to be included as one of their Pre-Show Seminars prior to each of their Craft & Quilt Fairs during 2006. I've kept to the Slide Presentation type Seminar because you've reported to me that whether you are a complete novice or experienced sewer, you feel comfortable with this presentation because you don't feel so daunted with inexperience often accompanied with a Hands-On Seminar. This week I'm finalizing my new plan and I'm so very excited that it has resulted in an even better educational experience for you all than I first imagined. Here's the wording……..

Learn to use and love specialty threads.
Do you know how to appliqué with fusible threads or use bobbin threads?
Use water soluble thread for machine trapunto?
Have fun with shrink embroidery thread for texturing fabrics?
Couch with decorative threads?
Use double-eye machine embroidery needles?
Crochet by machine?
Reverse quilts with decorative threads?
Use felting needles?
Plus, many more ideas including use of Angelina Fiber and other embellishments.
You will be given extensive educational notes, project notes and thread samples.
Learn lots of challenging new techniques for use in machine embroidery, quilting, textile art and many other sewing areas.
Suits all levels.
All students will receive an official Diploma of Threadology!

Interested? Contact myself or Rebecca Reed for Hobart or Perth bookings and as an expression of interest for each other State and for Hamilton in NZ.
Hobart, Tuesday 4th April, 10.00am - 12 noon. $30.00
Perth, Tuesday 23rd May, 6.00pm - 8.00pm. $30.00

Our Machine Embroidery Retreat held in Wagga during February was an absolute delight with all students very excited with their course and projects. It was just great to see the friendships that developed and I know many have kept in touch with each other after the Retreat. One Adelaide student even cancelled her return flight to accompany another student who was travelling alone by car back to Sydney. They've organized to return together in July for the advanced Retreat too. One student who got cold feet a few days before the Retreat and cancelled, I encouraged to come and she amazed us all and herself and got dubbed with a dreadful nickname of B…. Norma by the other students as she was first finished everytime. Gee, we had some fun. A big thanks to Leaenda Ingram too for offering us 3 copies of her new CD called "Krystallize" as rewards for whatever I chose, one for each day and the three lucky recipients were more than delighted.

Machine Embroidery Retreat 9th - 11th July, 2006

Now this one is completely booked out, but you could go onto a waiting list or enroll now for 2007. Dates to be confirmed.
Have you a computerized sewing machine but don't know the full capacity of what it is able to do? This is a specially designed workshop with you in mind!
Learn from our special guest tutor and myself, how to get the best from your investment.
We will cover correct hooping, choice of correct stabilizers, threads & needles, exact placement and how to use various accessories. Projects done show how to use The Sewing Revolution correctly, other positioning and dissecting designs, photos to fabric and so forth.
Suitable to all brands of machines and for the novice to the expert.

Machine Embroidery Retreat 14th & 15th July, 2006 OR 17th & 18th July, 2006

Many past students of our usual 3 Day ME Retreat have requested they have a follow up Retreat, so we have organized these as our first. Students must have completed our Machine Embroidery Retreat prior to attending this one.
Simply follows on with more advanced techniques and ideas.

Patchwork Retreat 5th - 7th May, 2006 (Note the NEW dates)
Patchwork Retreat 8th - 10th October, 2006

We have a few vacancies left for May, so please contact me immediately for this one.
October enrolments have only just commenced.

Not the usual "this is how to patchwork" type class, but rather using the new shortcuts and techniques that make the difficult within the "easy range" using various new equipment and patterns.
Very achievable for all levels of patchwork knowledge, including those with NONE.
I will offer a range of topics from which you may choose so as absolute beginners will be able to attend as well as those who have more experience and need new challenges and learn new techniques.

Briefly, the Retreat will cover several topics from which the girls can choose.
Final details are not all typed up as yet, but basically, we'll cover some of the
"Foldy Stuff", the Lone Star from Quiltsmart, Double Wedding Ring from Phillips Fiber Art, plus their other methods for Attic Window, Bargello in the Round and possibly Mariner's Compass.

Shall be pretty good and will cover a wide variety of techniques.
I'd say students could choose 5 of their choice.

Of course, if anyone wants to do my method of Stained Glass Appliqué or reverse foundation piecing method from Cynthia England's range of Picture Piecing Patterns, then that's fine too. We've covered these for a few years but some may have missed out and wish to learn these methods.

Selecting correct colours, correct cutting, new ways to cut Half Square Triangles,
a demo on some new rulers...................need I go on???

Oh, there's so many new items to catch you up on, I'll try to be brief, but that's near impossible for me.
OR, you can go to the What's New? Section on the website and you'll see them all.

Coming soon will be a Light Box from Daylight in a practical A4 size, bound to be a very popular item for its convenient size alone. Pre-delivery orders being taken via email.

Wait for it………Kandi Corp has released a new wand for the Hot-Fix Swarovski Crystals called the "PROFESSIONAL TOUCH APPLICATOR WAND" with advanced features not found in any similar product. It is with Universal Voltage (meaning it will work anywhere in the world) and will be available to us with our own Australian/New Zealand approved 3 point plug for our 240v. Properly balanced (no need for a support stand) with an improved rubber grip that will not allow it to roll, this truly ergonomically correct wand even has an on/off switch on it.
Plus, it has optional "flat" tips you may purchase for applying heat to any fusible flat items such as iron-on threads or iron-on ribbon as well as a triangular shaped tip similar to that on the Clover Mini Iron, but this one is slightly hotter, which is a definite advantage.
Best news yet though is that these new optional extra tips will also fit the L'orna Decorative Touch Applicator Wand that many of you may have already purchased from us.
We are taking advanced orders now as they should become available by the end of April.
I will get the photos of these items up on the website asap.

Next long awaited news is that the Baby Irons will be back in stock next week AND with the 3 point 240v plug for our standards, thus no longer requiring the little adaptor. A few dollars dearer than before, but I invite you to order one if you wish because they'll be in short supply until the manufacturer can catch up with back orders. Not on the website till in stock, but should be $49.95 each. These are the little irons that will fit inside a 4 inch embroidery hoop but are excellent for class and travelling too.

I am so delighted to be able to add to my website some CD's from HATCHED IN AFRICA. We've been selling these for a while now but unable to add them to our website. HIA has now given us permission to do so. We featured some of their designs in a recent Machine Embroidery Magazine and we've had a tremendous response to that but it was awkward not having them on the website. Feast your eyes on these delightful designs.
The Jacobean range have been specifically digitized and designed for use with our L'orna Decorative Touch Applicator Wand and Hot-Fix Swarovski Crystals.

Cindy Losekamp of Sew Artfully Yours has a new technique developed for Stumpwork calling it STUMPWORK STITCHERY, plus an adorable FAIRYTALE HANDBAG
A new sweatshirt book entitled "READY TO WEAR WITH FLAIR" containing 22 sweatshirt modifications and over 180 embroideries.
She's added another lady to her range of Crocheted Ladies too. CECELIA #5 is now available.

Lots more in the Made in Australia section too.

QUILTER'S FABRICALC is a quilt design and fabric estimating calculator which I think every shop should have one handy for when you shop and ask "how much fabric do I need?" The idea was developed by a quilt designer and former quilt shop owner - that's the best part. Yes, it works in yards, inch-fractions, metres, centimeters and millimeters and even converts between Imperial and Metric measurements. Sounds a wee bit too good to be true? Read all about it here…..

IN THE HOOP - Introducing the new "In The Hoop Tool Kit" which you'll find very easy to use and understand. Can thoroughly recommend this kit for Machine Embroidery. Hoop it wrong, but stitch it right! Unbelievable? Well, this can actually happen with the "In The Hoop Machine Embroidery Tool Kit" by Eileen Roche, editor of Designs Magazine.
See for yourself………….

New LOG CABIN RULERS from Marti Michell - now I was skeptical as to why anyone would need such a ruler since I'd always had no trouble doing Log Cabin by cutting the strips after sewing them. My own bed quilt is Log Cabin, I love it. However, with full faith in Marti, I am impressed with these two new rulers and have even given you a "How to Use Log Cabin Rulers" in the Tips & Tutorials section. Two sizes to choose from. For those who have never been able to keep Log Cabin straight and truly square, these are for you!

The Giant Dahlia has been admired by all but to some, it is a little large and overwhelming to make, so Marti has introduced a smaller version calling it "NOT SO GIANT DAHLIA TEMPLATE SET" and why not? That's exactly what it is. This one makes a 36" diameter Dahlia.

The OTT-LITE ARIAL 2-1 Floor Lamp is a new addition to the Ott-Lite range and you'll need to visit the homepage of our website quickly to see what a great offer is in store for you.

PRESSIT Steam Pressing Cloth is sort of like a chamois cloth but this remarkable viscose fabric absorbs TEN times its weight in liquid, yet easily wrings almost dry. Not the same as a Rajah Cloth, but well worth it for all sorts of versatile uses. Not expensive at all.

CHIZIMI - Shrink Embroider Thread absolutely amazes me. It is a great way to achieve added texture to your garments making them so interesting. Remember when we had bubbled swimwear fabric? This is a truly FUN product, you'll love it too.

PRO'S KIT TWEEZERS - I definitely fell for these as I love the right tool for the right task (as you all know!) Super fine with a straight tip tweezers that are so fine you can pick up the most miniscule item. These precision tweezers are anti-magnetic and are made of anti-acid steel. So good in fact, that they may grow legs and walk to the garage, so keep them in your own safe accessory box! These are an absolute gem. Excellent for picking out individual stitches, little bits of pesky stabilizer and all those little things that need a fine fix up.

MAGNETIC PICK-UP TOOL - One of our best sellers has been our Telescopic Magnet that extends to 24 inches and picks up dropped pins and the like. This little tool is a mini version of that, being smaller and finer yet able to pick up to half a kilo or a little over a pound in weight.
Another item you'll find really useful as you make up your own handy tool and repair kit.

REFRIGERATOR MAGNETS are wonderful little magnets to stick on your fridge showing colourful quilts. Choose from three different sets, one being from our own
Jan Mullen of Stargazey Quilts fame. They make an excellent gift or Guild Prize.

BOOK A QUILT BOOKMARK is the perfect gift for a bookworm who also loves quilting. Rhonda Taylor has developed a line of bookmarks, professionally printed on 2 inch x 7 inch aqueous coated bookmark paper with a coloured tassels.
Besides being a quaint bookmark, these are actually a quilt pattern too.
Cozy up with Book and Quilt!


EMBROIDERY FAVOURITES - designed and digitized by Sue Box is the latest CD from Sue containing 37 designs of a colourful, vibrant and exquisite style allowing them to be used in a wide range of creative projects.

PATCHWORK DELIGHT is a new quilt designed by Janny Primrose which she has put together for you in a CD. The quilt itself is nothing short of superb and it is such a shame that photography doesn't do the embroidery justice. This is truly a beautiful masterpiece.

ANGELINA MAGIC is an exclusive kit containing four projects for use with Angelina Fibers designed and digitized especially for us by Leaenda Ingram. Excellent value and a great introduction for you with this fascinating new fun product.

CRYSTAL EVENING BAG has been designed and digitized by Rowena Charlton exclusively for us and uses Hot-Fix Swarovski Crystals to highlight the machine embroidered designs. So elegant.

ANTIQUE CHARM is the latest in Rowena Charlton's range and I think is one of the most beautiful collections of digitized designs I've seen. Both for their design appeal and for the versatility they offer. So aptly named, this appealing selection of embroidery designs has something for every corner, angle, point or large application that you could wish to embroider. Tremendous value too since there is no less than 49 designs and two complete alphabets with lots of extra information.

ORIENTAL GIRLS Set 1 is the latest cutie from Gloria Gram of GL Designs. These 10 little appealing Oriental cuties will find their way into anyone's heart.
Note: All of Gloria's designs are now multi-formatted CD's rather than the previous .pes diskette.

New to our website are two new Aussie designers.

We introduce MICNALI DESIGNS with a very special offer of their full 13 set range containing 300 designs, all on one CD at an excellent introductory offer.
These designs were featured in our Decorative Vases appearing in Machine Embroidery Magazine Vol. 12 No. 1 issue stitching over Timtex Stabilizer and we had so many requests at the shows, I just had to have them!

Last but not least, we introduce another newcomer, Carol Undy from CU Digitizing has nothing short of breathtaking with her interpretation of 9 Australian Natives which she has digitized in what I call a "light" manner and has them stitched in one colour. CREATURES FROM OZ is vastly different to what everyone else has done which makes them also quite appealing, just being different! They really do look superb stitched in Gold or Silver Metallic Thread.

INFINITY - a new book released by Janome has two beautifully exquisite quilts to make using both The Sewing Revolution and the new EXTENSION WEDGES.
These are acrylic wedges enabling you to produce up to 40 inch diameter circles giving several dissections for the placement of machine embroidery designs as well as other embellishments. You must remember which Wedge to order, matching it up with whichever Sewing Revolution you possess. 6/8 or 5/7
The quilts use The Sewing Revolutions and the Extension Wedges and detailed instructions and diagrams are given that make it so easy to follow you'll be able to make their "Cream Quilt" or their "White Quilt" following their guidelines from cutting your fabric, embroidering the designs, quilting the quilt and finally making it up.
A masterpiece waiting to happen!

Hermione Agee from LORIEN QUILTING presents to you several new packages of Continuous Quilting Designs that are suitable for both hand and machine quilting.

QUIZZLES CD by Helen Stubbings and Tracey Browning
Very talented Helen is like a family member, working for us on our Show Stand demonstrating Punchneedle Embroidery and we're very proud of her latest creation.
Quizzles are 3 different quilt designs on CD making them the first in the world to create affordable Interactive Quilt Patterns on CDRom. You can play and save unlimited versions of these quilt designs.
The first of three Quizzles is available now and is called Mosaic Madness.

RULESTEADY in two sizes is a new invention, fitting the description of "the mother of needs"! Your quilting life will change forever once you have used a RuleSteady. It holds the ruler steady whilst you rotary cut. No longer will your ruler slip or your wrist ache from long cutting sessions. The grippers on the underneath side of the RuleSteady do actually hold tight onto the ruler preventing it from moving, yet the ruler can still glide over the fabric which it can't do when you've applied a gripping type surface over your ruler that many have tried.


Remember to check the homepage each 1st of the month to see our Super Special for that month.

You will have noticed on our new website that several items have been now marked specially priced. Ones that come to mind for you to consider are the Bubble Jet Set 2000 Starter Pack for only $50.00 and, indeed, all our Photo Transfer products which have all been repriced.

Or maybe the Clover Mini Iron now only $49.95.

The Spinning Rotary Cutting Mat by Olfa for $49.95 in either Imperial or Metric, you need to specify.

All the Marti Michell Products have been specially priced giving huge savings.

The range of Havel's Scissors and other Havel's products have all been dramatically reduced.

The Quilt Wizard range of products has $20.00 off their original price.


I've mentioned several times the wonderful Quilting Channel you can obtain via your Internet connection. Just go to and you will find a host of informative little sessions that you may view. These change frequently, so I suggest you revisit fortnightly or monthly.
Presently showing you'll see how to use Marti Michell's new Log Cabin Rulers as well as her wonderful method of Dresden Plate quilts.
Nancy Zieman presents some fascinating new areas to explore in Photos to Fabric and there's a wonderful demonstration on Felting, Thread Painting and the new Bernina Stitch Regulator allowing the freedom of free motion design. This is like having a teacher in your own home!


As stated above, we've added the Machine Embroidery Designs from Hatched in Africa and others to our website. You may view some of the items we've made using their beautiful designs incorporating Hot-Fix Crystals.
Machine Embroidery Magazine Vol. 12 No. 1 has a whole article on Decorative Vases and further in the same magazine is the most gorgeous blouse using the Jacobean designs and crystals making it a really delightful work of art.

Machine Embroidery Magazine Vol. 12 No. 2 shows some great slippers from the Timber Lane Press patterns that will delight any child or adult. So cozy and comfy.

I have some really exciting news to report. In the current issue of Burda Patchwork E 918, a wonderful quilting magazine from France, our Pleat Makers are featured in an elegant masterpiece Quilt Wallhanging, designed and made by Ruth Muller from Switzerland. How about that? I'm so excited about visiting Ruth in June and attending an International Quilt Show in France too.
Read about it and if you'd like a bigger and better photo of it I can email you one.

Joanne Wells from Canberra has made the most elegant evening bag using a cross stitch design from Rowena Charlton's CD called Crystal Evening Bag which she designed and digitized exclusively for Punch with Judy incorporating Hot-Fix Swarovski Crystals. This is just superb; please visit our Gallery to view Joanne's creation.


Did you know that you can order a Gift Voucher via our website of any denomination?
Solves many a problem. The Perfect Gift, letting the receiver choose their own items.
Our new website allows a much more streamlined way of giving that perfect gift. Do consider it when next you are looking for the perfect solution.

Did you know that you can read exactly how to spend your Free Dollars on the reverse side of your Punch Points Voucher. They are not a Cash Discount.

Did you know that Pride Publishing will include the voting form in Issue 97 (June, 2006) for the Down Under Quilts Excellence in Patchwork Awards? Watch out for it and vote accordingly so as your favourite patchwork shop, Australian Designer or Website has your vote. I'm sure there are other categories too, but you will have the opportunity to vote for them all if you purchase Issue 97 of Down Under Quilts Magazine.

Did you know that recently, Dr. Edward Fujimoto, Wellness Program Manager at Castle Hospital, USA was on a TV program to explain that dioxin chemicals cause cancer, especially breast cancer? He talked about dioxins and how bad they are for us.
He said that we should not be heating our food in the microwave using plastic containers. This applies to foods that contain fat. He said that the combination of fat, high heat, and plastics releases dioxin into the food and ultimately into the cells of the body.
In stead, he recommends using glass, Corning Ware or ceramic containers for heating food. You get the same results, only without the dioxin.
Dioxins are highly poisonous to the cells of our bodies. Don't freeze your plastic bottles with water in them either as this releases dioxins from the plastic.

Our new Warehouse.
Till next time,
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