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  • Upper Layer Fabrics
    Cotton Fabrics    3 pieces size 35x40cm
  • Basic Layer Fabric 1 piece size 39x44cm
  • Zipper 16cm
  • Sewing Machine Thread #60 (Colour to match top layer fabric)


Step One
Pile a layer of three pieces of cotton fabric on top of the basic layer fabric with the grains in the same direction. The basic layer fabric is larger than the upper fabrics for easier slashing.

Step Two
Use several pins to hold layers in place. Mark stitching lines in a 45 degree angle to grain.

Step Three
Mark parallel lines 0.8cm apart for machine sewing. Back stitch at both ends to secure.

Step Four
Stitch from a centre line outwards to sew the 4 layers of fabric together.

Step Five
Make 1-2 cm cuts at the start of the tunnels of the 3 upper layers carefully with scissors. Do not cut basic layer.

Step Six
Short tunnels should be cut with scissors.

Step Seven
Insert the guide of slash cutter into tunnel (use guide 6-10 mm).

Step Eight
Hold the layers of fabric down and push the slash cutter through centre of tunnel.

Step Nine
Cut all the tunnels

Step Ten
Wash in the washing machine without detergent for 20-30 minutes. Suggestion: use a washing net-bag.

Step Eleven
Usually fabrics shrink after washing. Therefore, you should plan your quilt a bit larger than the required final size.

Step Twelve
Make paper pattern according to diagram A and B. The measurements include seam allowance.

Step Thirteen
After cutting, sew 0.3 cm from the edge in order to avoid fraying.

Step Fourteen
With right sides together, place 20 cm binding fabric on slash quilt.

Step Fifteen
Press seam allowance inwards, wrong sides together. Fold binding to the back and slipstitch. Sew the opposite side likewise.

Step Sixteen
Match zipper teeth with the edge of binding and back stitch 0.5 cm inwards.

Step Seventeen
Sew the other side accordingly. Catch stitch edges of zipper.

Step Eighteen
Baste the main and side parts, lining up matching points. Sew a 0.5 cm seam allowance with sewing machine.

Step Nineteen
Overlap 37 cm binding fabric on slash quilt with right sides together. Fold the end of binding fabric before sewing. Overlap at the end. Sew a 0.6 cm seam allowance.

Step Twenty
Fold binding twice into edge to hide seam. Stitch with slip stitch.

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Used here with permission

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