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Straight Line Scallop Projects Tutorial

Including vests, dresses, shirts, hand towels, window valances and pillow cases
Using the Scallop Radial Rule

Simple Steps for
Quick and Accurate Scallops



Key Principles

  1. Numbers on rule indicates length of arcs in inches
  2. Dashed lines on rule are on 1/2" grid
  3. Draw guideline on project
  4. Fill guideline with arcs



Project Steps

  1. Place first arc at center of guideline

  2. Draw series of arcs on one side of center arc

  3. Draw series of arcs on opposite side of center arc

  4. Stitch first & then trim


Serpentine Scallop


Reverse arcs up & down on guideline to form an undulating scallop


Window valance with both traditional & serpentine scallops