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The EM-Grid™ Tutorial

...Using EM GRID™ couldn't be any easier!

Step 1: Place the appropriate sized EM GRID™ over the fabric that is to be marked.
Step 2: Once the grid is centered, mark the location for your design using your favorite marking tool (disappearing ink or water soluble marker are recommended).
Step 3: The marking that you made in step 2 should look just like this. It should have a center dot, a dot above and below the center dot, and a dot to the left and right of the center dot.
Step 4: Remove the grid, and draw a vertical and horizontal line (crosshair) through the center of the dot to mark the spot for the design.

Step 5: Marking multiple items with the same image is a breeze with EM GRID™! Simply use a removable sticky arrow to mark your center position, then...

Step 6: ...move the grid to to the next item and mark your center dot and crosshairs!
EM GRID™ is great for double checking your work after you hoop!