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WonderArc™ - How to Cut a Drunkards Path Unit

Using the WonderArc™ Ruler

1. Cut background square. Cut smaller square for circles. Press smaller square into fourths.

2. Press background square into fourths. Set aside.

3. Background square opened up after pressing.

4 . Any 45mm rotary cutter can be used. The ergonomic styles work better over the older, straighter models of rotary cutters.

5. Line the folded edges of square with the solid or the dashed lines on the WonderArc™ ruler.

6. Always place your hand under the arc that has been selected for cutting. Never place your hand at the end of the arcs. As the rotary cutter starts rolling or cutting, hug the edge of the arc.

7. Close up of the rotary cutter in the arc groove.

8. Opened circle.

9. Center circle on another piece of fabric. Also can be left as a raw edge. If so, skip to Step 9. This step makes two circles at once. Sew around the circle using water soluble thread in the top of the sewing machine. Use a 1/8" or 1/4" seam allowance. Clip the corners from the square.

10. Cut a slot at the fold line. Turn circle right side out. Push the seam out using the Wonder Buddy. Spritz with diluted liquid starch and press with a hot iron. The water soluble will slowly dissolve. Repeat this a couple of times. Pull the two circles apart.

11. Center the smaller circle on top of background square using the fold lines. Pin at the folds.

12. Stitch around the circle with a zigzag stitch or any decorative stitch.

13. Close up of stitching using a decorative stitch.

14. Cut a slot in the fabric using a seam ripper to start trimming the back.

15. Trim the extra fabric from behind the background square using the seam as your guide.

16. Piece of fabric cut away from the background square.

17. Cut square in half.

18. Cut the rectangle in half at the arc. This saves a step when squaring up the units. Place the ruler at the desired size of arc. Cut. Square up the arc part of the Drunkard's Path unit first.

19. Rotate the unit and square up the whole unit at desired size. A Drunkard's Path unit is ready for sewing. All the units will be the same size.