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WonderArc™ - How to Cut Properly Using the WonderArc™ Ruler

Using the WonderArc™ Ruler

1. Any 45mm rotary cutter can be used. The ergonomic styles work better over the older, straighter models of rotary cutters.

2. After pressing your fabric into fourths, place the folded edges along the solid lines or dashed lines. Always place your hand under the arc desired.

3. Never, ever place your hand at the end of the arc groove. If the rotary cutter ever slips out of the groove, your hand will be cut.

4. Place the rotary cutter in the arc groove. As the rotary cutter starts rolling or cutting, hug the edge of the arc.

5. Place the ruler at different angles until it is comfortable for cutting.

6. Open folded fabric and it becomes a circle, oval, half-circle, or petals.