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Punch with Judy - Quick News April 2010

Magnet-ficent Invisible Quilt Hanger  
Want to hang your quilts without push-pins, screws, nails or levels?
Welcome to the Magnet-Ficent ™ Invisible Quilt Hanger !  You'll love this.

Fabulous Fabric Glide Need better control when free-motion quilting or embroidering?
The Fabulous Fabric Glide is a set of 2 sizes of semi-hoops to control your fabric beautifully.

Diamond Wine
Now this is really something exciting - this exquisite Diamond Wine Table Topper was made using the new Double Diamond Ruler  
This is so easy and there's other patterns too.
Ott-Lite Floor Lamps - free delivery April

Show News

Next Show is:
 AQC in Melbourne

29th April - 2nd May 2010 Visit

We are on STAND 126


ANNOUNCEMENT:  The CraftExpo Sydney in 2011 has been moved to ROSEHILL RACECOURSE. I know this will delight many so mark it in your diary.  Do keep in mind that this show is from the same Show Organizers as the Craft & Quilt Fairs and the AQC, so you know it will be excellent and not to be missed.  Do NOT confuse these with other Shows previously held at Rosehill.

Prior to Perth CraftExpo, I've been invited to be a Guest Speaker for the ASG at Balcatta on Saturday 15th May & for the Art a'Peel Textile Group at Mandurah on Sunday 16th May with "What's New?"

Members & Non-Members are welcome.  Lunch Included as they are both full day presentations. Bookings are essential for catering purposes so Email me for details.

Remember my challenge to you last Newsletter to help me name a new section for Therapeutic Products?  Gift Vouchers for $25.00 to Jean Hurn and Robyn Smith as they used either PAIN or RELIEF in their suggestions, but it was actually a close friend who gave me my decision.  PAIN RELIEF PRODUCTS! Thank you Teresa!

Remember to visit my Blog every week if you don't want to miss out on any news as it happens.

Don't forget your






Machine Embroidery 3 Day Retreat

It's official.  Our Machine Embroidery Retreat for computerized sewing machines is booked out.  Yes, it's months to go, yet it's full. SO, we've added another Retreat immediately following.  17th - 19th September and 21st - 23rd September, 2010.  If you are already a confirmed booking having paid your $100.00 deposit, kindly advise which date you'd prefer as some would-be students may only be able to attend one or the other.  Isn't this great? 

17th - 19th September OR 21st - 23rd September, 2010. Machine Embroidery Retreat - email for more details

Perth's Craft & Quilt Fair 19th - 23rd May, 2010

So, what is Ask It, Solve It?

3 Sessions per day of approx. 30 mins.  It's FREE.  Seating arrangement for you whilst a three panel team of "experts" are on stage to answer your questions.  eg What did I do wrong?  How do you make?  Where can I buy a product?  Is there a product that does....?  Situated near the Cafe first one each day at 10.00am (think that's when I'm on!)

CraftTech is another NEW addition to Perth's Show. This is an area set aside to introduce and showcase NEW products and technology to make your crafting, sewing & quilting more exciting. Quick demos of 5 - 15 mins all day. 

10.00am Ask It, Solve It (near the cafe) 40 mins
11.30am Craft Circle 3 Ruched Flowers (book now) 1hr
1.00pm Workshop 3 Binding Methods plus more 1hr
3.00pm Craft Tech (middle of show stands) 15 mins
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