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Punch with Judy - April Newsletter 2011



In This Issue:-

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Hi Everyone,

Autumn already!  I'm sure the days are flying too fast or is it the years flying too fast?

So many new subscribers we have recently so we welcome them warmly.  Two Online Classes were launched on 1st February with another to start on 1st June, so between those, the incredibly unbelievable January Sale we had this year and now two Shows completed with two more this month.  No wonder some days one does not know where to start first? 

It was great for the CraftExpo to be held at Rosehill Racecourse.  We haven't been an Exhibitor there since we stopped attending the original Stitches Shows and now the Melbourne CraftExpo is also to be moved to Caulfield Racecourse; same re Stitches.  You did know, of course, that Stitches and Craft Shows no longer exist.  Also, the CraftExpos will have a new name soon.

At the Brisbane CraftExpo we were grinning from ear to ear with pride as we won the Best Large Stand Award.  Read about it on my Blog.


I received a lovely surprise in the mail this week that I thought I'd share with you.  Charlotte, who IS Sewline Products, sent me some "Edible Blooms" as an apology for some stock not being delivered on time by grrrr couriers and then to have something she sent me literally "blow up".  She was so upset and wanted to make it up to me.  Isn't it so nice that still today, SOME companies do care!

Yum Yum!


Whilst so many parts of the country have been suffering at the hand of Mother Nature, for which we all are trying to ease their burden, I have to report that our local area has never looked so healthy for this time of the year than in all the years we've lived here.  So much growth and water around.  Only downside is that this good weather has brought so many bugs, flies and other nasty critters, let alone the frustration of "tumbling weed" or "henny penny" as some call it.  Neither are the correct names, but are what we commonly call this pest of grass that is blocking our entries, driveway, fences and anywhere else it settles.  Shan't complain too loudly though when we read of all the tragic news of the world. 

The new ramps John built to our warehouse are working so much easier for loading our van and trailer.  Brownie points to HIM, at long last you say! 







Happy Sewing,
Your friend,




Australasian Quilt Convention 2011
This year's AQC is definitely the place you wish to be between 14th to 17th April at the Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens, Melbourne. 

The place where retailers, tutors and quilters come together under one roof for four days for shopping, learning, shopping, getting inspired, shopping, seeing what's new, shopping and experiencing the fun that only the AQC can offer.

Come visit us on Stand 126 and see all our new products and your old favourites.  We'll be demonstrating on the stand many new products to keep you up to date.  Also, once again, Sandra Chandler from Just Curves USA will be our guest demonstrating her own invention the fabulous Curve Master Sewing Foot.

Remember that the AQC doesn't permit as large a stand as we normally offer for you to browse through at other shows - in fact we only have 12 sq metres, compared to 27 sq metres.  Therefore, you will realize we can't display all our products so I do urge you to place any order you wish via the website, phone, fax or email BEFORE Noon Monday 11th April and I'll be only too happy to bring it for you. Save time, save disappointment, save postage, still earn your Punch Rewards if you order via the website.  Definitely worthwhile!

If you haven't yet received a coloured booklet "AQC Preview" - please email or phone and we can mail you one.  The AQC is most assuredly Australia's Number ONE Quilting Event.  Don't miss it if you have half the chance.

  I will be conducting a wonderful new Daily Seminar in Room 1 at 1pm entitled "Stars, Diamonds & Kaleidoscopes the Easy Way!"  You will never be afraid of these shapes again as I show you new techniques with tools to make them all a piece of cake!

For Full Details about the Show, visit

At the end of this month we travel to Tasmania for the Craft & Quilt Fair, this year returning to Launceston at the Silverdome from 29th April till 1st May.  Always wonderful to visit one of our favourite places i n Australia and we certainly have so many friends in Tassie.  Support your local Show and tell all your friends too.  Full details of the show are now available at

On Friday evening, 29th April, I will be presenting a "What's New?" show and tell demonstration of many new products explaining how to use them and answering questions.  Sponsored by the Launceston Group of the Australian Sewing Guild but open to everyone.  Full details in my next Newsletter. 

If you would like any order brought to the show, please let me know before Friday 22nd April please.

Don't forget your Show Coupons too. Print them and collect your discounted products or receive your FREEBIES.  Too good to miss.  No coupon, No Offer.


Just in case you didn't read my Blog announcing that the CraftExpo in Melbourne held in October is now to be held at Caulfield Racecourse rather than at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton.  We all welcome this move with great enthusiasm. 


Machine Embroidery Retreats will be held from 10th - 12th September and also from 16th - 18th September, 2011.  If you own a computerized machine embroidery machine, this is a must! Everyone learns so much whilst having a great time with other fellow enthusiasts.  The industry is advancing in leaps and bounds, so we've taken on board lots of new Stabilizers & Techniques.  We will be supplying you with designs to upload so as everyone will come to the Retreat fully prepared so as ALL the time will be spent sewing and learning.  This year we have changed the formula a little too.  Cost includes a range of stabilizers, fabrics and designs required for the Retreat.  Full particulars on our Retreats section.


NOW is the time to confirm which Retreat you wish to attend and pay $100.00 Deposit please as these are always booked out.


I mentioned in my Blog that the close off date to join the Westalee Online Mystery Sampler Quilt Course would be 1st April.  Not an "April Fool's Day" joke, but I have decided to leave enrollments open until after the AQC because I've had so many ask "please, I know I'm late but I do want to join".  So, I have listened!  If you wish to join this fabulous course because you've heard just how much students are learning and how much fun they're having, here is your last chance.

$30.00 for the entire course which did commence on 1st February, but you can catch up because you have ALL year to do so.  Though the course finishes officially in November, the Westalee Yahoo Group will continue until everyone (hopefully) completes their own quilt.  This HAS to be the best value ever a patchwork enthusiast has been offered.  I repeat: NOT $30.00 per month but for the entire year.  113 Blocks using the amazingly accurate Westalee Design method of patchwork.  Full particulars here.

The Pleat Maker Online Course finishes next week but there'll be more so you may always place your name with us as an expression of interest to be informed when another date is set.  Same applies to the Punchneedle Online Course.  Online Classes are an excellent way of learning in your own home in your own time and you don't need to be in front of the computer at a given time. I will place some photos of the students' work on my blog asap.

Next NEW Online Class to be launched is the Curve Master Online Course - Quilting with Curves.  Commences 1st June for 6 monthly lessons. Sandy and I will jointly host this exciting new adventure giving you an exceptional insight to sewing curves without fear.  You will have many a design, some new, some traditional, some quite extraordinarily amazing.  I am very sure you will be delighted with how we will have that Curve Master Presser Foot absolutely "singing curves" for you.

Payment of $80.00 cost for the Online Class is now requested since requirements list will be distributed in a few weeks' time. 

Do you own a Curve Master Presser Foot?  This is your chance to experience how very versatile it is.  If you don't own one, don't be afraid of curves; invest in your passion for patchwork.


Clover has several new products too which have already been absolute "sell-outs" at our shows this year.  A range of folded flowers has taken the public by storm.  The Flower Frill Templates are so much fun and so easy.  NOW, they have also added Kanzashi which is a traditional Japanese craft of folding fabric to make flowers.   Clover Kanzashi Flowers and Flower Frill Templates.

I just love making these and prefer using Pinking Shears for the edges.  I have some new "pink" pinking shears from Havel's arriving next week.

I am so excited to present to you some wonderful new stabilizers from Innovative Craft Products which I have been very impressed with. 

Inn-Spire is a revolutionary, stiff, mouldable, non-woven stabilizer which enables you to make three-dimensional flowers and other embellishments.  Sandwich it in-between two layers of fabric and when heat set it becomes pliable enough for you to play like you would with play-dough.  Well, similar!

Just love their new Duo Fuse which is a double-sided fusible fleece.  Perfect for that traditional padded look for quilting, handbags and crafts.  Two more in their range are Inn-Control and Inn-Control Plus which are nothing short of brilliant to use.  The superior alternative to batting - it is a wonderful polyester foam with the resilience of knit fabric bonded to both sides.  GREAT for bags.

Do you ever feel like you waste so much batting with all the pieces cut and leftovers? Or, does your quilt require batting wider than what you have?  Here's you answer.  The ORIGINAL Heat Press Batting Together.  Piece your leftover strips of batting or simply make narrow widths into wider widths without any sewing.  Seeing is believing so view the tutorial.

There are new attractive colours available in Pinmoor too!  View the tutorial if you don't know what these little treasures are for.

In the last week, there have been numerous new products added to the What's New? so please take a peep.  You wouldn't want to miss out on fabulous new inventions, new tools, new cds, new books or new patterns would you?

I've been mentioning some on my Blog too, so maybe you should sign up for that too.


Jenny Haskins has a new range of patterns that are ever so cute and so inexpensive.  Plus, a new range of Machine Embroidery CDs which I'm sure will delight you.  Best of all though is Jenny's new 3-D Embroidery Magic CD using Krinkle Magic.  The results of a raised puffy look to overall quilting designs is magic before your eyes and the flowers are to die for.  I will be explaining how to do the "puffy quilting" in my next blog.

Down Under Textiles Issue 4 is now available and I know many wait eagerly for each new addition.

The new Vol. 2 Issue 5 Embellish Magazine has been released in March. Such great Aussie Publications, both of these new issues.

Just in case you missed a previous announcement, Janny Primrose has a new Floral Elements Collection in which the designs have multiple applications making it a very versatile collection of delectable designs.



I have taken off the Monthly Special on the home page since periodical specials I've offered in my Quick News have been more appropriate.  Offered for a given short period and super specials.  For Newsletter readers only, until sold, I offer you the ever popular Loralie Design "Gone Shopping"  Project Travel Case for only $30.00 plus p/h.  When you order, it will show $45.00, so you must mention the Newsletter Special in the Additional Comments section when ordering.  This is because it is for "your eyes only".  Here's another pic of another coloured one open so as you may see the fantastic inside.  I use two of these for classes.

Just look how many compartments you have!





I've recently added some more tutorials that may be of interest to you if you own these products or even if you have been considering same.  There's a whole new range of "Gem Tools" and patterns from Phillips Fiber Art which I will be including in my Seminars this year.  You may view the Tutorial for some of them.  Several new tutorials for using the Westalee Design range of products too. 

Of course, there are many others in the  tutorials section on our website to help you too. You can print them and use them side by side as your work.


Did you know that there are not only Handeze Therapeutic Gloves to help with sufferers of Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel, but now I can also offer you Crafter's Comfort Gloves?  They help blood circulation for relieving swollen hands, cold hands or painful hands when you are crafting.  Made of stretchy cotton lycra, they are ever so comfortable.  

Did you know that your Blackberry or IPhone can teach you ever so much more than you imagined?  Take a peep, just for fun, at the Ronnies in this hilarious skit about keeping up to date.

Called "I finally understand this Blackberry Stuff".  I laughed and laughed, hope you enjoy some frivolity too.

Ever been caught without a new blade for your rotary cutter? Of course, whenever you replace your old blade with a brand new one, you wonder why you put up with it for so long?  Correct?  Well, sometimes all you need is to sharpen your rotary blade for an extended life without having to replace it "just yet"?  The Tri-Sharp Dual Rotary Blade Sharpeners are ideal when you're stuck without a new blade too.  They come in 28mm, 45mm and 60mm.  Plus, you can buy new sharpening disks for them too.

Till next time,

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