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Hi Everyone,

Not many days to Christmas now but there's still time for shopping.  All mail leaving this week should still reach every State before Christmas.  If you need an item as a Christmas Present please do consider Express Post, particularly for WA and NT.  It is only $1.50 more for large parcels and often only a few dollars extra for smaller items.  Last mail will be despatched on Wednesday 22nd December and no mail will leave here after that until Tuesday 4th January, 2011.

We are visiting Melinda (2nd daughter) on the NSW South Coast as the whole family is celebrating Christmas as her house this year.  We are all so looking forward to it.  John is truck driving for the wheat harvest at the moment, so depending upon the weather and if it is all complete before Christmas, that will depend if we then have a few days away until New Year.  Fingers crossed.

It has been brought to my attention that my special Book Clearance emails only reached half the people on my Newsletter List.  These went out on 5th & 8th December.  My apologies if you missed out.  Just a little internal hiccup.  Therefore, I have searched the stock and have another offer for you so as everyone may be given the opportunity of an extra treat for Christmas.

In the original Book Clearance List, the following are still available and you may order BY PHONE ONLY (0269 202238) choosing ANY THREE for just $30.00 including postage.  Not each, but all three for that price.  You must choose three.  Originally, there was a huge list but they got snapped up pretty quickly.  Remember, these are not on my website so if you wish to view any one, please "Google" the title.


1 x Country Dolls - Better Homes & Gardens - $9.95


2 x Quilt Block Sampler: 12 sheets Gift Wrap - Sally Collins  -  $27.95

1 x Quilted Treasures: 12 sheets Gift Wrap - Gai Perry - $29.95

3 x Quilting for Beginners - Coats & Clark - $29.95

Ribbon Embroidery & Ribboncraft:

3 x Christmas Ribbonry - Camela Nitschke - $54.95

2 x Creative Ribbon Embroidery - Heather Joynes - $15.00

3 x Favourite Flowers in Ribbons & Threads - Heather Joynes - $15.00

3 x Original Designs for Silk Ribbon Embroidery - Jenny Bradford - $19.95

2 x Quick & Easy Ways with Ribbon - Ceci Johnson - $25.95

4 x Silk Ribbon with a Difference for New Zealanders - Justine Jones - $19.95

1 x Textured Embroidery - Jenny Bradford - $19.95

2 x Wool Embroidery for Babies - Christine Harris - $19.95

1 x Wool Embroidery and Design - Lee Lockheed - $49.95

3 x Wreaths and Garlands for Embroidery - Heather Joynes - $16.95


5 x Dress Daze - Judy Murrah - $29.95

4 x Garments for Beginners - Coats & Clark - $29.95

1 x Sew & Go: Easy Convertible Projects - Jasmine Hubble - $29.95

1 x Sew a Work of Art: Inside and Out - Charlotte Bird - $43.95

3 x Tassels, Tiebacks & Trimmings & How to Use - Elizabeth Valenti - $39.95


Here's a fresh list of books I wish to clear.  Choose any THREE books and pay only $60.00 which includes postage.  Again, Phone Orders only.  Wanted to make it up to those who missed last offer.

1 x A Colorful Book - Yvonne Porcella - $25.95

12 x Best Loved Quick Sew Fleece - $35.00

11 x Bold Bags - Leisure Arts - $29.95

5 x Celebrate Seasons with Ribbon Embroidery by Machine - Duncan & Farrell - $37.95

3 x Embellishments - Linda Kenzle - $31.95

5 x Embroidery with Beads - Angela Thompson - $60.00

5 x It's a Snap - Jeanine Twigg - $33.95

2 x Made with Lace - Ginny Barnston - $37.95

7 x Memory Keepsakes Pillows with Personality - Nancy Mirman - $24.95

6 x Quilters on the Go - Nancy J. Martin - $23.95

6 x Quiltskills: Workshop from the Quilter's Guild of Australia - $27.95

2 x Small Gifts in French Trapunto - Solange Kergreis - $15.00

3 x Sew the Essential Wardrobe for 18" Dolls - Hinds & Becker - $37.95

2 x Traditional Cutwork Made Easy - Darlene Geisendorff - $27.95

8 x Victorian Elegance - Lazette Thomason - $34.95



Choose ANY SIX booklets and pay just $30.00 including postage.


Amazing Machine Embroidery                                       $11.95

Amazing Machine Embroidery Encore                          $11.95

Artistic Closures                                                               $11.95

Be Creative Embroidery Connection                              $13.95

Carefree Machine Embroidery                                        $11.95

Challenge 96                                                                      $11.95

Cutwork without Cutting                                                 $11.95

Create a Keepsake                                                            $9.95

Creative Jackets                                                                $9.95

Create Your Own Vest                                                      $9.95  

Dimensions in Quilting                                                    $11.95

Easy Knits                                                                          $9.95

Exclusive Detachables                                                     $9.95

Fabulous Feet & Fancy Stitches                                    $11.95

Friendships & Memories in Fabric                                 $11.95

Gifts for All Seasons                                                       $11.95

Gifts For Guys                                                                   $11.95

Gifts in Minutes 11                                                           $11.95

Jacket Entrées (incl. multi-sized tissue pattern)           $25.95

Jacket Trio                                                                        $11.95

Knit Trends                                                                        $11.95

Letters of Distinction                                                       $9.95   

Luxurious Lingerie                                                            $11.95

Magic Fabric Tubes                                                         $7.95   

New Talk In Tailoring                                                       $11.95

No-Hassle Fleeces                                                            $11.95

Notions Solutions                                                             $11.95

Painting & Creating with Thread                                    $11.95

Paper Patch Piecing                                                         $11.95

Pick Your Pocket                                                               $11.95

Pillows 101                                                                        $11.95

Playful Patchwork                                                             $11.95

Popular Patterns Pointers                                                $11.95

Quilt It Quick                                                                     $11.95

Quilted Watercolor Wonders                                         $9.95

Quilting Options                                                               $11.95

Savvy Suede Accessories                                               $9.95   

Scrap Happy Patchwork                                                 $11.95

Serge Ahead                                                                      $11.95

Serger Crochet                                                                   $26.95

Serger Feet on the Go                                                      $11.95

Sew Again - Refresher Course                                        $11.95

Sew Chic Chenille                                                             $25.95

Sew A Memory                                                                $11.95

Sewing with Nancy Challenge                                        $9.95

Silk Ribbon Elegance                                                        $11.95

Silk Ribbon Gift Gallery                                                    $11.95

Stabilizers - The Foundation Guide                                $11.95

Stitching Strategies                                                          $11.95

Suede - Ultra Fun to Sew                                                 $11.95

Surface Embellishments                                                   $11.95

Texture - Special Effects                                                  $11.95

The Savvy Zig-Zag                                                         $11.95

Thread Tales                                                                      $11.95

Timesaving Transformations                                          $11.95

Trees & Flowers - Landscape Quilts                             $11.95

Tune In To Sleeves                                                          $9.95   

  Vested Interest                                                                  $11.95  


Plus, I'm offering all Nancy Zieman's Videos which are in PAL, suitable for Australia, since all her new ones now are coming to us as DVDs.  


Choose any TWO for $25.00 including postage.  Can't go wrong with these!   Phone Orders Only.

10*20*30 Minutes To Sew for your Home       $30.00

Amazing Machine Embroidery Encore              $30.00

Celebrate Sewing                                                  $30.00

Crazy Quilting with Attitude                               $30.00

Creative Embroidery Collection                          $30.00

Dimensions in Quilting                                        $30.00

Garments with Style                                              $30.00

Gifts for All Seasons                                            $30.00

It's A Plaid World                                                 $30.00

Minutes to Sew                                                     $30.00

Paper Patch Piecing                                              $30.00

Pick Your Pocket                                                   $30.00

Pictorial Quilting                                                   $30.00

Quick Fusible Bias                                                $30.00

Quick Gifts and Decor                                          $30.00

Scrap-happy Patchwork                                       $30.00

Sew A Smile                                                           $25.00

Sew Easy Embellishments                                   $30.00

Sew Gifts With Love                                            $35.00

Sewing Weekend Expo Challenge '96                $25.00

Stitching Strategies                                              $30.00

The Ultimate Serger Answer Video                    $30.00

Tune In To Collars                                                $25.00

Vested Interest                                                      $30.00



Now, here's some pre-Christmas Treats.

As you know, I'm one of Ricky Tims' greatest fans and this week he sent a Christmas Video doing his usual "muck-up playing", so for those who may not be on his newsletter list, here's the link for you.  His Musical CDs make great Christmas Gifts too or to spoil yourself!   I love his piano playing and he certainly is a gifted artist - being a Professional Concert Pianist as well as a prolific quilter.  Once you have viewed his playful Jingle Bells on You-Tube, make sure you listen to others shown, in particular, Small Town Christmas Time. 

To celebrate the season, Ricky has arranged and recorded a new version of Jingle Bells that is sure to put a smile on your face. No need for that morning cup of coffee to get you going  -  just take a look at the video and you'll be wide awake in no time! CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO.

Ricky said:

It was the piano that started the whole video idea. Our neighbors have a wonderful property up at 10,000 ft elevation near my home in La Veta, Colorado. Years ago the family hauled an old upright piano up to their mountain cabin. Someone eventually put it outside where years of snow, rain, and cold eventually took their toll.


There are deserted gold mines with deep shafts on their property too!. A few years ago the family realized the open mine shafts were dangerous so they started filling them in with trees etc. The piano was also dumped on top of the pile. In the video, I'm literally standing above the shaft of an abandoned gold mine!

After arranging and recording Jingle Bells the week of December 6, 2010, I started thinking about doing a music video and the old piano called started calling to me. I thought, "How cool could this be - to shoot a video with a decrepit piano while I'm standing over a gold mine?" That was the seed that took me on this journey. The mountain cabin is cozy and decorated with standard mountain-type items such as lots of antlers and a bear rug. It was the perfect setting to bring my new zany arrangement of Jingle Bells to life. Thankfully there was a bit of snow up there to help set the scene.


Factoid #1 - It was about 15º F with a wind chill of 0º F. Brrr. Yes, that's me in my boxer shorts!

Factoid #2 – It took about 2.5 hours to shoot. - Yes we were freezing - and even though it was sunny, you’ll notice a few snowflakes coming down. No, they were not fake special effects.

Factoid #3 -  The video was shot by Justin Shults with the help of our neighbor Jim Hoobler. Jim's wife, Peggy, took still photos and managed all the outfits and props.

Factoid #4 – The video was completely produced (shot and edited) in less than 12 hours. It was edited by yours truly.


So - that's my story and I'm sticking to it. If you like it, please forward this message. Help me spread a bit of Christmas cheer and be sure to tell everyone it came from your friend, Ricky Tims


Now you just have to view his video clip!

  Here's another link to read, just for interest and amazement.  It's local!  One of the girls from an internet group I belong to alerted us to it so I thought you may find it interesing too.  Who says there's no value in quilting!


Have you visited my blog lately?  You can select to have them emailed to you automatically, just check out the section on the right hand side of my blog.  The one I posted yesterday shows ideas for laminating your fabric with Heat 'n Bond's Iron-On Fusible Vinyl .  This is a great product that you may not know about.  There are some good photos on my blog to give you some ideas.

**************  ******************************************************************************************************************

Don't forget your Christmas Wish List!

Christmas Wish List

Make it easy for the family..... Print your own Christmas Wish List from Punch with Judy and place it on your fridge for everyone to see.
Select several in different price brackets so as to suit everyone and you receive a lovely surprise.



If you like Loralie Designs here is a free download for machine embroidery, courtesy of Loralie Designs Website.

  Here's the link to download it:


There's a few Loralie Ornaments left on the Specials Page, when I reduced them so drastically, they went WHOOSH!  Only a couple left.


Do you like items from the Red Hat Society?  Here's a panel that is a special for you and I only have a few.  The Red Hat Panel has 8 separate images.





Now, after all your Christmas Shopping, hopefully, you'll have some dollars left to participate in our famous January Website Birthday Specials.  Remember they commence on New Year's Day and will be a daily super duper special offered for 24 hours only.  More details later.  Just hope you get given some dollars for a Christmas Pressie.


If all else fails and you run out of ideas or run out of time, give one of our Punch with Judy GIFT VOUCHERS.  I can send them out right up to midnight on Christmas Eve!



I'm expecting some little chicks to be hatched today or tomorrow, fingers crossed!

Happy Sewing,
Your friend,




Another good idea as a Christmas Gift for the family to give her!  Think about it.  Excellent value and you could all chip in.



What a great idea as a Christmas Present!  I will also be announcing two new ones shortly with details, but a little sneak preview is that one is a Mystery Quilt using the Westalee Design Rulers.  Expressions of interest being accepted now.  This one is a Mystery Quilt not a tutorial type of class, though help is offered and we'll have a Yahoo Chat Group.  Should be interesting!




Lots of new products in our What's New Section so check it out regularly. 


Don't forget to check out our Specials and our Christmas Specials. 


In this section we have wonderful FREE Projects for you. To coincide with the release of Clover's New Flower Frill Templates which should be here by the end of December, I have some wonderful projects using them added to this section for you.  Pre-delivery orders being taken now.



Till next time,


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